Hijab Style: Midi Dress (Clozette x LOVE BONITO)

     Wearing midi dress with hijab is something you can commonly see nowadays. Some hijabi usually pairs it with legging, or stocking, or even jeans to cover the legs part. I don't know if you notice this, but I realize that kind of style make you look shorter. I already short in real life and I don't want to look any more shorter than that. Imagine this. J is short if compared to his friends, and he is still much taller than me. Can you imagine how short I am now? Midi dress, especially the up knee ones, is supposed to make you look taller (if you don't wear hijab). I used to wear a midi dress a lot just before I decided to wear hijab. But since I started to wear hijab, I kinda avoid wearing that thing again.
     When Clozette offers me a collaboration project with LOVE BONITO, I immediately think that maybe it's the time to start wearing a midi dress just like old times. Because let's admit, their midi dresses collection are beyond beautiful. When it's arrived in front of my door, I literally jumped in joy. The most perfect lace dress I've ever seen. The material is amazing and it flows down my body beautifully. 

Gotta Write This Down Just So I Remember (Part 1)

     Actually, I'm not the kind of girl who falls for the look. Neither wealth or career. And I don't do romance things but if you read this post, I warn you that what you are about to read is my love story. A typical love story that you might find it boring. But since I love this guy, so whatever painful and boring our story is, I don't want to have it any other way. It's crazy when I think about the past time. How I tried to stay away and not getting too attached to this guy. Everything is upside down now. He is like my own comfort zone. And I kinda hate him for it, because whenever I'm with him, it feels like I don't belong anywhere else again.

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Ruffles. And a Thought (again)

Do you have some kind of style you are currently addicted to? Because I do. Mine is the ruffle style. Whether it's on my sleeve, my shoulder, anywhere. I love it and I'll choose it over and over again. (Just like I love J and will choose him over and over again. Haha it's a weird metaphor). To have the ruffle details on my pants? Oooh! Definitely yes! To be honest, I already lost count on how many outfits in my closet that has ruffle details on it. 

Midnight Thought

     It's 23:53 here. I've been yawning for a while now. But I don't really want to sleep anytime soon. And my mind wanders back to the time when I was in college. Surrounded by a lot of friends that actually nowhere to be seen right now. Not in real life or in social media. Not that they don't have any social media but we just never really stay in touch despite a lot of platforms we have, saying that we are friends. And we are still friends indeed. Just don't really try to stay in touch.
     Or "I" do not really try to stay in touch with them. For a reason that I think is enough for me to make a decision to stay away. Because lately, we are no longer friends through thick and thin. Life happens and we don't really want to get involved in each other's problems anymore. It's just beginning to feel like, "call me when you want to hang out!" and never "call me if you have some problems!"
     There's this one time that I had a problem and literally cried for help. And nobody's listening. Or maybe, they pretend they never listen. Or they think my depression is some kind of joke. Forcing me to talk to them but then, never really think it's a serious matter. 

So I left. I love them still but I left. And I am not sorry about that :(

The Ultimate Childhood Memories

     Had the chance to visit Alun-Alun (central park) for the last time before it was destroyed by the government. Not really destroyed but kinda switch its function into an Islamic center. The iconic fountain would be gone for good now. It's sad because I have a lot of my childhood memories there. In fact, it's 20 years later and I still love to spend my Saturday night there. Looking for some street food, taking ootd pictures, or accompanying my 2 years old nephew playing toy car in the park. 

Life Story: Who? Me?

Halo, peeps!
     Mau cerita sedikit nih. Kali ini aku pakai campuran ya bahasanya. Soalnya ga lagi bahas soal fashion, lifestyle, atau review product. Jadi aku cuman mau cerita pengalamanku dan sedikit berkeluh kesah. Pernah denger nggak sih, istilah "Instagram tempat pamer, Twitter tempat berkeluh kesah." Well, kalo kalian masih aktif di twitter (kebanyakan orang sudah ninggalin twitter sih), follow aku dong hehe. Tapi nggak usah juga gapapa sih. Soalnya twitter aku isinya curhatan dan keluh kesah mulu. Sekali-sekali ngeretweet konten lucu atau ikutan main hashtag yang diadain selebtwit. 
     Eh tapi, ceritaku kali ini bukan tentang kehidupan media sosial dan antek-anteknya. Ceritaku kali ini terinspirasi sama salah satu tweet orang yang aku ga kenal, tapi tiba-tiba muncul di timeline aku sebagai akibat dari seorang yang aku follow meretweet tweet tersebut. Terus aku merasa tweet tersebut "aku banget" gitu loh. Makanya pengen aku share di blog.

An Early Life Crisis

When it comes to life, I tend to ask myself, "am I doing it right?" or "is it gonna last?". Those two questions often appear in my mind and terrified me all the time. Adult life is confusing and sometimes all I wanna do is crawl on to my bed and hide under my blanket. You can mock me now because who am I to complain about life? I'm just 22 years old for God sake. 
The other day, J asked if I'm going to join a cooking class or something since I basically baking cakes every day. And I said that if somehow I want to continue my study, I think it's going to be fashion related. Because I love fashion a lot. But my job is culinarily related, so I guess join a cooking class is more reasonable for me. Is it okay if I'm doing them both? Am I gonna be alright? Can I focus on two fields at the same time? How can our future be so unclear?

Floral This and Floral That

     I never denied the fact that wearing basic outfits is the easiest way to look effortlessly stylish. Simple and nice to see. I dare to admit that I wear them all the time when I'm not in front of the camera. Plain shirt and pants (I also dare to admit that I don't really like wearing jeans). Despite all those colors that you usually see at me, yes I don't do that all the time. I just love clashing patterns. It makes me feel different somehow. In a world filled with people wearing those luxurious pieces and all about being classy, I'd like to see a woman full of passion and love when I look at the mirror. A woman who loves herself enough to not trying to be someone else. For the sake to be accepted by the society. It's okay if you're one of them classy ladies. I admire you. Because until now, I wished I was that elegant.
     This article is written for you, whoever you are, who wants to try something new. Something different to wear than your usual outfit but afraid that you're not going to pull them off right. So what I'm trying to say is, if you never did clashing patterns before, clashing floral patterns is the safest way to do the style. I love clashing floral patterns. And if I recall correctly, I did that too when I started writing fashion blog back in 2013 (You can see it here >> Oh Almost Goodbye To Spring). And it's still my favorite style to wear these days hehe.

ATS The Label outer, This is April skirt, Berrybenka heels

The Girl Whose Obsessed With Flamingo

Come to think of it, I never really try to pull off a vintage look. Not because that I don't like vintage outfits (trust me, I love to 'steal' my mother's old outfits) but because I feel like I'm more a modern colorful girl than a vintage girl. Don't lie! When you hear the word 'vintage' all that comes into your mind must be this old-fashioned look with earth color such as brown, green, or gray. You probably never think that pink can also pull off a nice vintage look. I felt in love the first time I saw this Pink Flamingo dress by Unique Vintage. I love flamingo! What could go wrong with flamingos? Nothing!! When the dress has arrived in front of my door, it feels like a challenge to me to wear it. Since I wear hijab, I have to wear the dress with a lil bit of mix & match. This time, you must agree with me that mix & match is the most fun part of styling. The dress makes me feel like living in early 90's and I find it pleasurable. I like this dress so much I can't stop swirling LOL. 

White Shirt and Jeans Combo: Timeless

     When it comes to a timeless outfit, let's agree that wearing white shirt and jeans is never goes out of style. There is just something about it that feels so sexy yet classy. Perhaps because wearing white shirt and jeans looks like you put less effort in dressing up. You know when they say 'less is more'? Maybe it's something like that.

What I Wore Today

Got a video call when I was doing my makeup.

Him: Am I watching a makeup tutorial right now?
Me: I'm going out with a friend, Babe!
Him: We definitely should make that #boyfriendvoiceover video as we planned!
Me: Can't! I need a ring light and apparently, it's quite pricey
Him: Why don't we use a flashlight?
Me: -.-


     Yak! Satu dari sekian dikit beauty products yang aku review. Karena emang yhaa aku ga pro pro amat untuk jadi beauty blogger. Heran juga kenapa banyak banget beauty blogger bermunculan padahal ya review produk itu gampang-gampang susah. 
     Anyway, kita sering denger nih kata "radikal bebas". Tapi kadang kita ga paham betul kan, apa sih radikal bebas itu. Radikal bebas sebenarnya terbentuk secara alami sebagai bagian dari proses metabolisme tubuh kita. Namun, radikal bebas juga dapat dipengaruhi oleh faktor lingkungan, termasuk kebiasaan merokok, penggunaan pestisida pada makanan, polusi, dan radiasi.

6 Ways to Help You Get Out of Depression

     Depression or anxiety is not something we can underestimate. It's not something we can easily brush off and pretend that it doesn't exist. Because when someone is depressed, they tend to see their surroundings negatively. With negative minds. And negative minds lead to negative things. It's a black hole, peeps, trust me.

OOTD at Reopening Hush Puppies' Store

Currently having this obsession over rumples. So I decided to wear rumples from head to toe and it feels weird yet amazing. Heheh :p

First Experience at Karadenta Skin Clinic Surabaya

     It's a review post about my experience trying skin treatment at Karadenta Skin Clinic which only available here in Indonesia so I'm gonna post it in Bahasa Indonesia and in a more friendly way, so yes, it's going to feel like you are reading my diary ;) 
     Karadenta Skin Clinic ini baru melakukan soft opening untuk klinik mereka di Surabaya pada tanggal 17 Maret lalu. And I got an invitation to try the skin treatment as influencer for free! Yippiiiieee! (Emang dasar sukanya gratisan ya apa aja mau lah yhaaaa). Jadi Klinik Karadenta di Surabaya ini berlokasi di Jl. Kutisari Selatan II no 80J. Cukup mudah ditemukan karena letaknya memang di pusat keramaian kota. 

Out and About

Hi, people!
     To be honest, I've been sad for weeks. At first, it was because of some negative vibes around me and how some people tell me to get rid of it. Cutting off some people in my life in order to keep my mental healthy. Oh, how this world filled with judgemental people. But it's not easy, especially since you've befriended them for years. And then I found out that J is going to leave town for good next month. Due to his job. It's not that we leave in the same town right now, but it usually only takes 45 minutes drive to meet him, and now we will be HUNDREDS miles apart. I want him to pursue his dream but I can't help to feel sadder than before. 
     Some friends tell me to seek for some professional help because I might be fell into some kind of depression right now. But the thing is, I feel presumptuous to put myself in that category when I still think I could getting by. It would be insulting to those who are much worse off than me. I have no reason to be unhappy about, but I feel this sadness never really ends. Colorful things can't make me happy, watching the moon can't make me happy. Sunflower can't make me happy.

Dream Wedding Dresses: Alessmode

Hi everyone!
It's been a week since the last time I wrote a post? My apologize :) It's quite hard for me to manage my time. Between blogging, taking ootd and sponsored pictures, and baking! If you read my latest post, then you must know that I recently opened a bakery shop. Mainly selling cheesecakes. And I'm the only one handling the shop. From cooking until delivering. It's all on me. So pardon my not-so-often write a blog post. 

Bloggers Lunchdate

     Finally had a lunch date with one of my blogger babes, Chelshea from Chelsheaflo. She was super nice and sweet and somehow makes me promise to myself that I'll post an article soon on blog. The last time I posted something on blog was like 2 weeks ago. About my meet up with another blogger friend of mine. I guess I met a lot of people this month, huh?
     The reason why I took such a long break from blogging is because I currently open a bakery shop and thanks God it went well. Met a lot of clients, bake a lot of cheesecakes (because cheesecake is the main menu). And I literally bake all day and night and it's been two weeks already. Had to take a day off (a day off, not a night off. how sad) yesterday in order to meet Chelshea. But meeting her allows me to finally took ootd shots. And this post happens!

Hardware blazer, Gaudi top, Chocoberry pants, UP heels, Zara clutch

Layered Up

     Remember when I said I met Kiko on my last trip to Bandung? (from my previous post) Well, of course, we took ootd pictures together. If you know us, then you must've known already that we are such an opposite blogger. He has this really cool monochromatic style, whereas I have such a weird and colorful style. 

Life as A Blogger

Life as a blogger?
Free products, paid articles, cool events, etc etc.
It's actually not like that.

source: cheeze.co

Safari Visits

     Go to Taman Safari Indonesia II twice in a row is something to be laughed about. Well at least for me and J. Just because it seems like I have nowhere to go this holiday season, so Taman Safari is the only choice :( Whereas he himself had the chance to go to another place. Camping!! What the F :((( 
     Not that I love hiking, to be honest. I watched his instastories and it got me super jealous. But he said it took 7 hours to climb and I don't think I could survive that. No matter how beautiful it is at the top of the mountain. You, mountain lovers don't get so offensive. I did a mountain climbing back then when I was in junior high school. It was only 2 hours climbing and I went straight to the hospital when I back home the next day. What a weak :(

A Colorful Monochrome

In a mood of wearing monochrome. But a clashing patterns-kinda monochrome. And colorful garage door in the back. It was super hot outside but I already dressed up. Gotta take a quick picture with my phone :)

5 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses To Be Obsessed With

     Let's just take a moment to appreciate this. We have survived 18 days of 2017. Alive and well. And I couldn't be happier for all of you, guys. Life is hard and you still here, never gave up on your dreams, no matter how many struggles you find.
     I have been sharing a lot of things with my best friend. Our dreams, education, love-life. Since I graduated from college already and am focusing on being full-time blogger and entrepreneur. So the next step of life that I have to reach is getting married. 

What I Wore Today

    Decided to wear my current favorite popcorn bag from Na-Ra Hayley. Oh, I always have a soft spot for novelty bag. You can find a lot of cute shaped bag by clicking that "SHOP MY STORE" menu above my page.

Perfume & Glamorous Party: VITALIS Review

     First thing first, I'm not the kind of girl whose obsessed with being stylish 24/7. I don't wear high heels all the time. In fact, I only wear them in front of the camera. Another fact about me, I often wear wrong costumes to party.
     But being wrong costumed is definitely better than looking dulled in a party. I understand that sometimes, traffics are just so ridiculous that you got no time to go home first before attending a Friday night event. And sometimes, you just have to change your working outfit to a more proper outfit at the public toilet. Or in your car. But being smelled nice should be your 24/7 job. And I'm obsessed with people who smells nice. Not that you're going to meet me now for that matter. But let's agree that nobody likes horrible smells.

Gift Ideas: Home (DRINKWARE)

     For the love of mugs. It's the easiest gift idea to give your loved ones. Because everybody loves mugs. Even if they don't, everybody needs mugs to drink.  You must already know about my long lost love for cute mugs. I mean look at that cute kitten instagram-able mug! It's been a while since I wanted to write this post and share you, my favorite place to shop affordable cute mugs. For a coffee addict like me, my coffee will taste better if I drink it from cute mugs.