Velvet Planet in Galaxy

TwoSides top (coming soon), unbranded pants, UP wedge, Sophie Martin mini bag

Naaaah. I know galaxy is no longer a trend at the time. So what? We don't have to ALWAYS follow the trend. Why proud to be updated if you can be a trendsetter yourself?
By the way, I feel so much crap this lately. It doesn't reduce my happiness though. But if I could tell you, these college activities are sooooo sick.
Aaaand, I want to write about this boy in college that I like so much. But absolutely I can't. People there (in my college) 98% don't know me. I've told you I'm a total nerd. And who cares to nerd? Nobody. It's okay though. I don't really like being the center of attention. But I feel proud of my self because my buddy, A said that I had inspired him. And he keep promoting me and my blog to his friends. It's okay again though :)
So, about this boy I want to post about. I'm sure it can wait. Probably soon. But later is okay.
See ya later...

IFB Project #98

Quote of The Day: Hope

Hope had never left. Hope had always been there. Just waiting for you to realize that it was still there and still burning brighter than any other flame.

Happiness Over The Tears

Gaudi top, TwoSides pants, Hardware blazer, Wondershoe flats, DIY necklace

Beyond the universe. I have all my friends love me but somehow sometime they just turn me down. Feels like one of that time together, I'm out of place. I don't know who I really am. Am I faking everything?

I cry over and over. I pray to God because that's the only thing I know I should do. I love you God so much. There's so much I want and only you that could give me all the things. And thank you. For giving me all I need and all I want. Although I don't even know it. It just happened and it's like BOOMM!! All I feel is happiness again.

Thank you :)

Ps: Sorry, I just love to duplicate all the things :D

DIY: Flower Necklace

YES! It's DIY time \(^o^)/
Hit the mall early today and found the idea to make a DIY thing when I entered Gramedia Book Store and saw some cute paper flower in one of it shelf

So this is how I make DIY Flower Necklace

That's it. I enjoy doing it so much. Besides, you can wear it as flower crown instead of necklace. What do you think? ;)
Feel free to share your link to your blog, especially your DIY post because I'd love to read all of it
See you at next post (^o^)/
IFB Project #99

As Orange As My Heart

Today I'm a nerd

So, if blue means sad and pink means love, I would proudly describe orange as happiness. Even if it's not :D Two days ago I uploaded a pic of me in What I Wear Today as F&F Seven Days of Summer style challenge. My very first pic I uploaded, and I didn't expect anything. This morning I received an email, that my pic is one of editor's choice. You can check it out here.

It really is a big deal for me actually. Aaaah!! My first photo that got editor's choice. I even have only ONE follower. But I found happiness in this situation. Like I've said before. Happiness is everywhere you stand. Just set it in your mind, "Keep smiling. Although it's raining and you lost and you have nowhere to go. Be grateful with everything God gives to you. You will always find your own happiness."

Z.U.N.A blazer, Another Me jumpsuit, UP wedges, Korean Necklace

Happiness Is Everywhere You Stand

People will judge you. But what's important is the people that actually care about you will just be happy that you are happy

Na na na na :) Finally rename one of my online shop to Twosides. The original one still there though. You can check the outfits here. Now, it's reborn with new name and concept. You can check them in Twosides page on facebook :)

Thank you and happy shopping. Don't worry, I ship worldwide..

Oh! Almost Goodbye to Spring

Scarlet House top, Gaudi cape, Unbranded pants, Mom's handbag, Up wedges
Hey-o I'm back \(^o^)/

Finally I'm home again after a week being out of town for college. Do you guys go to college like me? what do you like the most about being a college student?

I like it. ALMOST all of it. Being far away from parents is fun. I can do whatever whenever I want to do. But it suck either. Losing money fast is one of my problem. With my shopping hobby, hanging out, watching movies, and etc.

By the way, I know it's almost summer and can't wait for it :D Still loving the floral pattern from spring because spring is my favorite. FLORAL NEVER DIES!!! I love all the colors from so many flower. It feels refreshing. Although there're only two seasons in Indonesia :( I will always love the spring.

Let me know your favorite season and why do you love it?

IFB Project #94 The Natural Influence featuring Epic The Movie :)

Red, Flower, and Studs are HOT