And Blah Blah Blah! Whatever You Say, IDGAF!

What's the joy of being heartbreaker?
Why can people can be so cruel to their loved one?

I'm not saying that I am a good person. I can't even say whatever cross my mind out loud except in my blog because I have a heart. I don't want people hurt because what I do or what I say. I can keep my smile for people so they don't know what's inside my heart. What I really feel.
Yes. I'm probably talking about my boyfriend. I don't expect it to have some sparks or tingles whenever we touch like what they said in some romance books. But I also don't expect a relationship that feels nothing. He's not the one I had crush for like I said in my post before. And it's not even reach two months of our relationship.
And  I already hate what's going on on us. If I can do it, I will scream out loud so he knows what I feel. I don't like to get text every minute of 24/7 from him just asking the same question.

"what are you doing?"
"where are you?"

Do I have my own life? Because I'm pretty sure he doesn't own it even that he is my boyfriend. He never there when I have a problem. He got mad whenever I told him that I have this problem and apologize for replying his messages rudely. He's not even bother himself to ask what's my problem. And he expects me to listen all problems in his f*cking mind? Nah! I don't think so.

It really was refreshing when I went to hit one of the biggest mall in town yesterday and had a quality girl time with my bestfriend. Watching movie, break fasting, and shopping was totally a big relief and distraction. No boys, no studies, no college, no problems. Just fun. I got my eyes set on this printed pencil skirt, but ended up buying a trousers from Zara.

ps: my boyfriend doesn't even know that I love blogging since he never ask what my hobby is :o

Lizards in Hospital

Went to hospital to do some check up today because apparently, I feel something wrong about my body. I barely eat and I lost too much weight in just a month. My stomach hurt everytime I wake up in the morning and I can't curl in my bed because my back hurts too :(  
But my dad suddenly got a call from his boss and he had to go out of town really soon. So I cancelled my check up and maybe do it on the other day. It's only because I can't bear for not crying out loud whenever a nurse or a doctor take my blood sample. And I HAVE TO grab my dad's arm while they're busy tearing off my blood from my system.  
Please please wish me health :( I hate being in hospital. I hate the doctor's verdict. IFB Project #124

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Weird Wish: One

Karl Lagerfeld
Just a boring day. Have a class three hours later, and I don't know what I want to do right about now. So maybe I'm just gonna post some miscellaneous to kill the time. Sorry if I'm boring you. I also bored to top today. That's why I write random things.
Oh! God knows how much I want to meet him in person. I will be the luckiest girl on earth. (Oh right, he's not from this earth). Or wish him as my grandfather. This old man is my favorite designer of all time. Yeah well, it's not like I don't love my own grandpa. I love you so much, grandpa.. may you rest in peace :') But Karl is so cool in his age. And sometimes I wonder, if I really were his grand daughter, I might always live a life with joy.
Admit it! Have a big cabinet full of Chanel things is a big dream comes true of all women right? (Or is it just me?)

Traffic People

I know how we are all hate traffic problem. Especially living in the big city like me. Imagine if we already late for class, or friend's birthday party, or a date. We already put the best dress and the best make up, but the traffic makes your smile turn down and you get the really bad mood when we finally reach the place.

But, I can guarantee you. You will absolutely love this traffic. 100% love this traffic. Because it's Traffic People, people :D Looking for vintage outfits, prom dresses, or casual outfits for hanging out with friends, traffic people is your solution. Besides, they ALWAYS have a great sale up to 70% for their cute and unique items


These are some of my favorite items they sell.

Tropical Birdie

Hello people :)
It's been a very long time since the last time I posted my outfits. I know and please forgive me. The exams week really stressed me out. I guess this is what I get if I never stayed home and do study :o It takes almost my energy and gives me flu at the end of the week.
By the way, happy Ramadhan for all my muslim readers. Hope you guys do it well and stay healthy during fasting day.
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