Bloggers Lunchdate

     Finally had a lunch date with one of my blogger babes, Chelshea from Chelsheaflo. She was super nice and sweet and somehow makes me promise to myself that I'll post an article soon on blog. The last time I posted something on blog was like 2 weeks ago. About my meet up with another blogger friend of mine. I guess I met a lot of people this month, huh?
     The reason why I took such a long break from blogging is because I currently open a bakery shop and thanks God it went well. Met a lot of clients, bake a lot of cheesecakes (because cheesecake is the main menu). And I literally bake all day and night and it's been two weeks already. Had to take a day off (a day off, not a night off. how sad) yesterday in order to meet Chelshea. But meeting her allows me to finally took ootd shots. And this post happens!

Hardware blazer, Gaudi top, Chocoberry pants, UP heels, Zara clutch

Layered Up

     Remember when I said I met Kiko on my last trip to Bandung? (from my previous post) Well, of course, we took ootd pictures together. If you know us, then you must've known already that we are such an opposite blogger. He has this really cool monochromatic style, whereas I have such a weird and colorful style. 

Life as A Blogger

Life as a blogger?
Free products, paid articles, cool events, etc etc.
It's actually not like that.