Losing a Friend

Hi human!
     Everyday, I find myself in the position of what's to buy and what's not. Recently, I spend a lot of money for things I actually don't need. Simply because it's cute. Like a panda shaped stapler. The reason? Because it's good for flatlay property (even though I don't have enough time to taking flatlay pictures nowadays due to my thesis). Okay, well, I realize that I didn't take pictures a lot lately. Not fashion pictures nor flatlays. 

5 Ways to Enjoy Traffic Jam

     First of all, I wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak for all my muslim friends. Eid Mubarak usually comes with the tradition of going home to enjoy the family time together. Here in Indonesia, this tradition is so sacred and all people do that. So yes, if all people do that, then it means your going to face the biggest traffic jam in a year. You're so lucky if you could pass that in 3 hours. Some people need all day to get out from the traffic jam. 

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Quick OOTD and Life Updates

Can I just say that you finally made my heart melt? 
sincerely, me

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