Losing a Friend

Hi human!
     Everyday, I find myself in the position of what's to buy and what's not. Recently, I spend a lot of money for things I actually don't need. Simply because it's cute. Like a panda shaped stapler. The reason? Because it's good for flatlay property (even though I don't have enough time to taking flatlay pictures nowadays due to my thesis). Okay, well, I realize that I didn't take pictures a lot lately. Not fashion pictures nor flatlays. 

     First, my best friend slash personal photographer 'A' was graduated yesterday and he's going back to his hometown soon. I already asked my other best friend 'J' to help me take fashion pictures sometimes and he already said that he will be really happy to help, but I think I just need some adjustment. He's quite busy with his own life, and we don't share a similar passion. Unlike 'A' who loves fashion and shopping as much as I do. I wonder if I should just ask 'J' out for photo hunting already?
     Here some pictures my sister took of me a few days ago. She's not that good with a camera so the result is kinda unsatisfying. I don't want to sound like I'm whining but I swear that was the quickest photo shoot I've ever done :)

Last, someone asked me where to get stunning prom and wedding dress. Now you can see it below.

Short Prom Dresses


  1. Love those jeans! Great look as always! xo


  2. The blouse is so pretty!
    Nice shades too

  3. THOSE JEANS OMG<333 I'm in love! xx
    Ahh I feel u, I always ask my friends go photo hunting (lmao) but not everyone is always ready, so I just ask my sister to take my pics on the rooftop in my house haha;))


  4. Awesome Jeans and your blog,thanks for sharing...

    Manicure and Pedicure

  5. I know how dat feels Zun, cause it happens to me too ._.
    Love that jeans like literally <3


  6. My photos are either taken by me, or my boyfriend, so I totally get it, lol. Great jeans though!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  7. Amazing pictures, beautiful outfit, I love your style, thanks for sharing, you look stunning!!!



  8. super cute jeanss! Belinya dimana, rizuna?

    XOXO, Cilla


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