Ranger Houndstooth

What's your favorite tv show when you were 5? Mine is The Power Rangers. Seriously, that show was the bomb back then. I often imagined myself as a yellow ranger and went to kill monster everyday. That's why I fell in love immediately with my new Label Cut necklace.

Found the houndstooth blazer when I went to Surabaya Town Square to eat lunch. Apparently, there's a bazaar in there and my eye caught the blazer immediately.

Elisa Shopp top, Two Sides shades, unbranded skirt and blazer, Label Cut necklace, UP wedges

May Wishlist

If you follow my instagram @rizunaswon, you might know that I promised my self to stop shopping for this month. But we girls know that we always want something that we actually should stop doing. In my case, I always want to shop even if it's already in the end of the month and I already spend all my money in the beginning of the month :D

But a girl can always make a wishlist right? Even though I swear my wishlist gonna change in the beginning of next month ;)

So, I make a Romwe wishlist and of course mix matching their items.

Stressed Out? NO WAY!!

Exams are finally done. Heck YEAH!! I'm literally in a freedom now. But you know what? Exams are not something you should be afraid. Just do study regularly, and do NOTHING in exams week because it will only stressed you out more. In my case, I will go hang out or shopping all day because it's cooling my head off. So I can do exams just fine with a clear mind.

By the way, I'm actually not an accessories person. I barely wear accessories in my daily outfit except a watch and a hat. But I found this pretty watch from Born Pretty Store and I love it immediately. Because it's already have some chain that makes me look like wearing bracelet too. It's too pretty I can't help it. That's way I don't have to use bracelet anymore. Besides you can get 10% off discount with the code: RIMUC10

Well, I do love bracelet. In fact, I do love accessories. I just prefer to spent my money in shoes, bag, and great food. I used to make a loooot of DIY bracelet back when I was in high school. But it's all gone when I leave my hometown to go to college.
Grandy Shop sweater, unbranded pants, Two Sides hat, Zara clutch, Born Pretty Store watches, Chiel shoes