Gold is The New Black

     Do you prefer shopping alone or along with your friends? For me, I prefer going shopping alone by myself. I can walk very very slowly and enjoy my window shopping. That's so I can choose items perfectly and buy them. I can visit every store in the mall and back to the store one without rush :D
     Therefore, I found a new color trend this season. It's black and gold. And yes, it's already autumn winter season. And how the black comes as the main color with a line of gold appear fascinating me. I'm obsessed. Truly loooove this color mix. 

Stradivarius sweater, H&M dress, Wondershoe oxford shoes

     And I bought some black and gold items that caught my eyes. Well, the shoes are for my mom actually, but since we're on the same size (how lucky I'm to have the same size with my mom) we can borrow each other's stuffs.

Charles & Keith shoes, NewLook earrings

A Perfect Sweater Dress

     Hey-o! I’m back with a new shop recommendation for you Why? Because I have no class to attend lately. And what’s better thing to do if you’re in home alone than do a window shopping? And of course the online shopping itself :D I’m too lazy to clean my room, or trying new recipe in the kitchen. But I don’t want to stay in bed all day. So of course I’ll go window shopping. And it’s such a really great feeling if you found new store that sell so many cute stuffs with affordable price.
     The name is Give it a try and visit them. You’ll find so many cute outfit there that you’ll want to have it in your wardrobe. My favorite is their sweater dresses. You can check their collection me, you'll love it.
     So you know autumn and winter is coming. Soon. And you know how I like to wear something colorful. But when it comes to these seasons, I always find basic colors in every store I visit. Red, black, white, brown, grey. It’s so rare to find something in pink or yellow. And it annoys me to no end because I can’t wear some colorful dresses in winter like when I did in spring and summer. Well I could wear the summer dress in winter but I’ll end up in hospital because the weather will freeze me to death and I would never stop sneezing. I hate that I’m easy to catch a cold.
     So a sweater dress is a perfect outfit to wear in winter if you want too look girly (I always want to look girly :D). Because it’s a dress and the material is knitted or thick to keep you warm. And ERICDRESS has so many pretty colors.
     Check my picks below:

  1. Multi Color Long Sleeve Knit Dress

  2. Popular Assorted Colors Long Sleeves Laciness Lace Dress 

  3. Perfect Japanese Style Round Neckline Puff Sleeves Dress 

  4. Chic Fancy Long Slim Turtle Collar Hemp Flower Sweater Long Dress

Try Try Try

     I loss my interest of shopping lately. It's been two months already. Every time I see something cute from an online shop, I immediately want it. My mind will running around about how to match it with an items from my wardrobe, or what can I do to make it 3 times cuter. But in the end, it's so damn hard for me to spend money on it. I end up with nothing to buy. But I really want to! God knows how much I really really want to buy some cute sweater and heels and midi skirt, and ombre pants, and sequined jacket, and some statement necklace, and eeeverything.
     And then I always remembered what my lecturer said in Personal Finance class. About how we don't live only in present but also far future ahead. And we should invest more than we spend, And how about 10 years ago, with only $20 you can buy a trolley full of groceries, but it can't be happening nowadays. That we should prepare.
     Still, it couldn't stop my habit to play mix n match in every store I visited. I love to pick one set outfit (blouse+skirt, blouse+pants, etc) from one store and bring it to fitting room to try on. And always love the result. Yet, I remembered again what my lecturer said and postponed to buy them. Here's my favorite pick from N.y.L.a yesterday.
     I love how the sleeve model of the blouse swell in my arm. and the pendant glued on the neck part. It comes beautifully with white leopard midi skirt. Since I have this unhealthy obsession with cropped blouse and midi skirt. I think this outfit is soooo me.

20 Things I Dislike/Can't Do

  1. I hate, loathe, despise cockroach so much

  2. I can't stand being surrounded by people

  3. That's so I hate being in a crowd place like a club

  4. I loathe people who bully the other

  5. I can't sleep in a quite place. My TV should be on all night long

  6. I don't like people smoking around me

  7. I can't eat without 'krupuk'

  8. I hate messy room, but my room always messy and I'm to lazy to clean it

  9. I hate planning things highly but in the end, I should let it go

  10. I don't like noisy people who think my life is their business

  11. I don't like to laugh about every single things even tho' all my friends laugh about it. Hey, if I don't think it's funny, I shouldn't be laugh right?

  12. I don't like waking up in the middle of the night because I have to pee

  13. I hate lying people

  14. I don't like apple (yes I don't like it!)

  15. I hate it when people take all day long to reply my text message

  16. I hate cat fight

  17. I don't like some girls who think they are popular because they join every single activities in campus/school

  18. I hate people ask for my help, but being ignorant after I helped them (It's hurt you know. It makes me feel like I don't want to help people anymore)

  19. I hate people who come super late

  20. I hate people who show their desperation to other people. (Stay strong will ya? You can cry but you can't go out looking desperate all the time)

Mickey Fringeeeeeee

Oh how I love the fringe details on my top <3 It's been two weeks since the last time I posted an outfit on my blog, huh? Kinda miss being in front of the camera. But it's been a busy week too for me. To much homework, class, and I still have to work on my new clothing line. Hopefully it will be officially launched at the beginning of next year.