Oh So Pasta!

     What type of spaghetti you like the most? Bolognese or carbonara? Mine is Aglio Olio. Come to think of it, every time I visit some pasta restaurant, I always order Aglio Olio. The other menu is not important. I would choose Aglio Olio all over again :D 
    Anyway, my hometown is actually a beautiful small town. It's not that small like "everybody knows everybody" kind of town, but people in my hometown is not that hard to forget. So we can pass with someone on the street once (even though we're a total stranger) and the next time you know, you meet them in some different city and somehow we know that we're from the same hometown.
     Being a small town, there was no place cool enough for us teenagers to hangout (it was before I move out). But recently, there are so much cafe built here in the past years. I found a really nice cafe I become very fond of. And the best part is they serve pasta. Their Aglio Olio is so damn good and affordable. And of course it was the first dish I ordered when I visited there for the first time. My choice was Aglio Olio with Sauteed Shrimp. The second time, I tried to order different menu (but of course I also had to ask my friend to order Aglio Olio with Sauteed Shrimp). It was Herbs Spaghetti with Dory and Melted Mozarella and suprisingly, it tastes so good. Well, not better than the Aglio Olio but I'm willingly to order that again for my next visit. So if you happen to live in Gresik, you should visit the place. It's Veranda Pasta House and Cafe located in GKB. More details, you can take a peek of their instagram @VERANDACAFE_ID 

In Pink We Trust

     Sorry for the long face. It's been almost a month I'm not posing in front of the camera so I kinda forget how it feels. So from hundreds of pictures we took, I think it's only two pictures acceptable. How sad is that? T_T

     Anyway, how's your ramadhan? I spent my fasting day by baking some cookies. A lot of cute cookies. If you already followed my instagram, you'll knew about that new hobby of mine :p

H&M dress, COLORBOX blazer, Chiel boots, Gaudi handbag