Flower and Monochrome : COLORBOX

     Hi everyone! I know I know it's kind of late post because I already post some pics on my instagram a week ago (therefore, you probably should follow mine @rizunaswon :D) but I'm not feeling well since two weeks ago. I keep stressing about my final homework and how I should do the presentation in front of the most killer lecturer in my campus. And top of that, I almost fainted yesterday. It's probably kind of ridiculous because I did that while doing my most favorite activity, shopping. And my dad had to bring me to the hospital and I should take some rest now but I'm such a rebel like that.
     You know, one day I wore a cullote pants and my best friend mocked me. She said that I look like a dangdut singer. Dangdut is one of so many kind of music in my country. And because of that, I promise my self to not wear any kind of that pants ever again. Who knew 'that kind' of pants is such a trending this year. It's like everyone wear culotte pants now and I'm still trap in my mind that if I wear cullote pants again, it won't look good on me. But because it's such a trending, I'm starting to look for any cullote pants that looks more modern and chic. And I found it! It's only midi-length and it's so comfortable to wear. And I love it! It goes with every tops because it's in black color. I got it from COLORBOX along with my crop sweater that I love more. Why? because the flowers add a little color on the monochrome look and you guys know I just can't wear plain black and white. Or grey. And the best part about the flower is because it's embroidery 


Hey, Greenie!

     Reusing my old big blazer. It's been like 4 years hanging in my wardrobe and it's so big because how fat I was four years ago. I've been a colorful person since high school. But at that time, I didn't really feel confident wearing colorful outfit. Some friends might ask 'where do you buy that skirt?' or 'you're shoes are so cute' but I think overall, they still think my outfit is hideous. I love clashing color like pink and blue, and even my mom thought there's something wrong with my sense of fashion :D
     And I love my new shades details. It's the newest collection of my accessories shop Two Sides. And I ship worldwide of course. If you want them, the price is $15. You can contact me personally via email and I'll ship them to you with no shipping fee ;)
     Last but not least, I'm wearing my new skirt and hat from CHOIES. I've been debating weather to buy the skirt or not because I think it's already out to date but I love it so much. It's okay to not be up to date forever right ;)

Unbranded top and blazer, Choies skirt and hat, Two Sides shades, LV bag, Gudang Impor heels

FLATLAYS: Editing Tutorial

     Have you ever wonder, why is it when people took flat lay pictures, the result is so bright and lovely and good, yet when you took flat lay, your result is not satisfying. You already set all of your property on the table or the floor, you already took it with great lightening and you already did all the tips say you should do but the result is not like other flat lays you usually see on instagram. 
     Well, I took all my flat lay pictures with my iphone 4s and the key is editing. If you are so lazy to sit down in front of your laptop to edit your photo on photoshop, here is my favorite app in my phone to edit photo. It's AILLIS (formerly LINE CAMERA) you can download it for free on App Store or Play Store. It's only take 5 minutes to edit and the result is wonderful.

After selecting a picture, the first thing you have to do is crop your picture to resize it. If you don't wish to, you can skip this part by selecting 'Beauty'

Let the app taking care of your picture first. It will set the brightness and smoothness automatically.

If you're not satisfied with it, you can always do it manually :)
     Anyway, in this picture, I use white paper as the background and I always use it. So you can see the former folds on the paper because I use it over and over again. To erase them, see picture below. Even if your background picture is not some paper, you still need to do this step.

This is the center of the step. Choose the symbo Fx at the bottom of the app, and choose 'Clear" you can set the clearness level too (3.)

The last step, Rotate the picture, and click the symbol at the right bottom of the app to save it.
Congratulations! You're done! It's easy right? ;)

COLORBOX Indonesia (Surabaya Fashion Parade 2015)

     A few days ago, I got an invitation to be one of COLORBOX's (http://www.colorbox.co.id) guest for Surabaya Fashion Parade 2015. Surabaya Fashion Parade is the most prestigious fashion event in East Java. It's a fashion week than start the Surabaya Shopping Festival this month. A whole month full of sale? Who can resist that?
     Okay so back to COLORBOX, is the young girls fashion brand (15- 25 years old) with fashionable styles and affordable prices. COLORBOX is all about having fun in fashion. They consistently offer the newest trends and styles and only the most up to date developments are sourced from around the globe, combining style with quality materials to produce the clothing and accessories you see in the store.
     And I'm so glad to be their guest because their fashion show was the most enjoyable fashion show I've ever seen live. You know, I came to the place before the event started. And even though I enjoyed the show, I think all the show is quite "ordinary". Until I heard the song 'Fancy' from Iggy Azalea and COLORBOX started their show.And why I think COLORBOX fashion show is enjoyable because their models looked so happy dancing, posing and just having fun on stage. They didn't walk in rigid with eyes always staring straight ahead, instead, they just simply had fun.
     Check updates of their collection on website (COLORBOX), facebook (Colorbox Indonesia), twitter (@colorbox_id), and instagram (@colorboxindonesia)

Have my eyes set on that boots and transparent back pack :)