What I Wore Today

     Just a normal day, when I don't want to dress up. Put up a tartan shirt and jogger pants and I'm ready to go. Besides, jogger pants is like sooo trending right now so I don't feel like out to date :D Do you like wearing jogger pants too? How much of it do you have in your wardrobe?

Unbranded shirt, Queenossyshop pants, ZARA wedges

Basha Market 2: Hyperspace

     I love the first Basha Market when it came to Surabaya. That's why I was so excited with the second Basha Market. Too excited that I bragged about it over and over again to my friends so they would come to Basha Market with me because it's the most fun pop up market I've ever know. Right now, the theme is HYPERSPACE. And it's all about black, white, and red. The other best thing I thought about Basha this time was they have a guest star now. It's Pupu Paula. This famous 50's vintage fashion designer I love.
     Maybe I'm just overly proud about Basha that in fact, this time it's actually disappointing. Or maybe because I visited Basha Market on the last day. But I visited the first Basha Market on the last day too, and I really love it. And it's actually as crowded as the first time. I just felt off about the second Basha.
     From the first time I entered Basha Market, I already felt wrong. There's this photo booth that's just so ordinary before the front door of Basha. It's just bleh! too mainstream :( It's not like the photo booth of the first Basha Market. The second photo booth is located after you passed the front door. You will absolutely passed it and saw a big Basha icon if you turn to your right. So many people took pictures there. And I guess it's fine! I like it this time. But that's just it.
     The second thing I felt disappointed is, there's not even a single item I interested to buy. From clothes (weather it's too f*cking expensive or it's not really my style) to accessories, beauty product, phone cases, or any other little things.
     And then I passed the culinary section and I felt disappointed all over again. I already wanted to buy all of matcha things I found there. But it's just eeergh! I first tried this so called matcha peanut better. And I didn't like it so much. The taste is not so matcha and it's more to peanut butter. So I skipped it. And then there's this fruit pudding that looks so tasty and yummy. But absolutely the taste is actually not like as it's seller promised. Then I bought a spaghetti in a box which apparently everybody buying. And people bought it not just one box but 4-5 boxes. So I thought it might be the best food here. Again, I really disappointed. In fact, I kind of hate it. I also bought some korean snacks that everybody talked about (yes, I eat a lot :D). It's actually yummy, and I really like it. But the portion is so little it's not worth IDR 30,000 I spend. In the end, I only brought home two boxes of macarons.

Shopious: Shopping Never Felt This Delicious

     Heeyah! I feel like a bad blogger because I rarely post anything. Especially about fashion. Well if you followed my instagram, you can see that I post food pictures more than I post an ootd pictures. Even my friend F from Karena Hidup Banya Problem said that I should be a food blogger instead because I'm such a sucker for food. Especially indian and italian food :p
     Today, I'm gonna introduce you my new favorite online shopping media from Indonesia. It's SHOPIOUS (www.shopious.com). In SHOPIOUS you can find the best and the latest items  to be purchased from all  trusted online retailer in Indonesia. You can find so many stores and you can browse any fashion categories you like. It supports many online shops from instagram so they like sum it up to one place. That's why I feel shopping from SHOPIOUS is so enjoyable. See video below: 

     I found one beautiful necklace I love the most when I visit SHOPIOUS. This Magnificent Goddess is truly magnificent <3 I Love how this design put a little bit of pink to make it looks more feminine. And girly. The pink color stands beautifully. I admit that I'm not a really pink girl. More like a yellow girl. But I adore this beauty truthfully.
     This necklace is a perfect addition if you attend a formal activities. It will make your evening dress looks more glamorous. And boost up a Goddess aura to your personality.

Magnificent Goddess
    If you're Indonesian blogger, you can have this necklace for free. Or any other item you want from SHOPIOUS for free. Simply by join the #KejutanShopious competition held by SHOPIOUS. It's so easy. 

From now on you'll read my post in Indonesian :)

     Caranya gampang, cukup tulis cerita barang apa yang kamu pingin banget dikasih sama Shopious di blog kamu sepanjang minimal 600 kata. Kontennya terserah mau sifatnya seperti apa, boleh cerita tentang Shopious dan barangnya, kritik dan saran membangun agar Shopious bisa semakin sesuai dengan kebutuhan kamu, atau full ngejabarin kenapa kamu suka banget sama satu barang itu. Terserah!  Tapi wajib SATU KALI menyertakan link hidup ke www.Shopious.com. Nilai tambah juga diberikan jika peserta memasukan video penjelasan Shopious  yang bisa dilihat di sini. Jangan lupa, share tulisan kalian di media sosial dengan hashtag #KejutanShopious dan mention Shopious yah! Kalau sudah semua dilakukan, jangan lupa untuk isi formulir di bit.ly/shopiousdaftarblog supaya entri kalian tidak terlewat oleh admin Shopious!
     Hadiahnya, gak main-main lho! Ada uang tunai total sebesar 3 juta rupiah untuk 3 orang pemenang PLUS mereka berhak atas barang yang mereka tuliskan. Seru kan? Kriteria pemenang ditentukan berdasarkan originalitas tulisan, kesesuaian dengan tema, kepatuhan pada syarat dan ketentuan lomba, dan kualitas tulisan. Untuk syarat dan ketentuan lebih lanjut, silahkan lihat poster lomba.
     Oh, ada lagi, kalau kalian punya banyak barang idaman di Shopious, silahkan kirim tulisan sebanyak-banyaknya. Enggak dilarang lho! Ingat, yah kalau periode promo berlaku dari 10 Maret – 10 April 2015. Pengumuman pemenang akan dilakukan pada tanggal 12 April di blog Shopious.
Jangan kelewatan!

What I Wore Today

     Re-using my nerd crop top. You probably already seen me wearing this crop top multiple times. I have this tendency to sell my secondhand clothes or held a garage sale once in few months. But one day, I wanted to wear a simpson sweater I once had. Unfortunately, it was already sold one year ago in a garage sale event. That makes me think over and over again now when I want to sell my secondhand clothes. I don't want to feel the regret again but on the other hand, I can't buy new clothes if I don't sell the old ones. My closet already full it has no space anymore for me to put my new clothes :(
     By the way, today I accompanied my friend (helped him actually) to make a video for his homework. It's about how college students love to waste their time and money in the mall. Shopping, or trying new cafe. And oh my it's exhausting. We repeat one scene over and over. There was this one scene that I had to walk out from the store with happy face after shopping. Well yes I'm always happy after shopping :p but doing the smile and repeating the action over and over is in fact awkward. In the end, my last expression is not that happy and we decided to use the first one we took :D