Basha Market 2: Hyperspace

     I love the first Basha Market when it came to Surabaya. That's why I was so excited with the second Basha Market. Too excited that I bragged about it over and over again to my friends so they would come to Basha Market with me because it's the most fun pop up market I've ever know. Right now, the theme is HYPERSPACE. And it's all about black, white, and red. The other best thing I thought about Basha this time was they have a guest star now. It's Pupu Paula. This famous 50's vintage fashion designer I love.
     Maybe I'm just overly proud about Basha that in fact, this time it's actually disappointing. Or maybe because I visited Basha Market on the last day. But I visited the first Basha Market on the last day too, and I really love it. And it's actually as crowded as the first time. I just felt off about the second Basha.
     From the first time I entered Basha Market, I already felt wrong. There's this photo booth that's just so ordinary before the front door of Basha. It's just bleh! too mainstream :( It's not like the photo booth of the first Basha Market. The second photo booth is located after you passed the front door. You will absolutely passed it and saw a big Basha icon if you turn to your right. So many people took pictures there. And I guess it's fine! I like it this time. But that's just it.
     The second thing I felt disappointed is, there's not even a single item I interested to buy. From clothes (weather it's too f*cking expensive or it's not really my style) to accessories, beauty product, phone cases, or any other little things.
     And then I passed the culinary section and I felt disappointed all over again. I already wanted to buy all of matcha things I found there. But it's just eeergh! I first tried this so called matcha peanut better. And I didn't like it so much. The taste is not so matcha and it's more to peanut butter. So I skipped it. And then there's this fruit pudding that looks so tasty and yummy. But absolutely the taste is actually not like as it's seller promised. Then I bought a spaghetti in a box which apparently everybody buying. And people bought it not just one box but 4-5 boxes. So I thought it might be the best food here. Again, I really disappointed. In fact, I kind of hate it. I also bought some korean snacks that everybody talked about (yes, I eat a lot :D). It's actually yummy, and I really like it. But the portion is so little it's not worth IDR 30,000 I spend. In the end, I only brought home two boxes of macarons.


  1. Envyyy youuu babe
    Have fun there

  2. Lovely post! It looks like you had an amazing time!

    X Marjolein

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  4. Never been there before,
    the theme is quite fun I think

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  5. Never been there too since there's no such this cool event in Padang -,,-

    Don't be so upset zuna, at least you got so many awesome photos to be uploaded on the blog hehe. So curious about the food you bought there. Foodporn photos, maybe?

    That background/backdrop wall look so fancy for ootd photos, don't you think?
    Wish u a happy days ahead!

    Aul Howler of The Dragonfly Wants A Jean's

  6. Aww, sucks that you were dissapointed :/, but Basha looks so cool though! Maybe you should go again, maybe it was just the atmosphere that day <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  7. those are great works of art!!

    Have a great day!! :D
    Animated Confessions

  8. Great and interesting post. Looks like a great event and you had such fun.

  9. the place looks sick, lovely photos! sucks that you're disappointed tho. anyway just followed you on gfc and bloglovin, stay in touch<3

  10. Amazing!

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