Love Letter

Dear my younger self,

You probably won't believe when I say this.
There are so many things could happen in one year. 
Heck, there are so many things could happen in merely two months.
You'll experience lots of heartbreak, betrayal, and you're gonna find yourself having a mental break down more often than you already have.
The nightmares haven't stopped, up until now, in my time.
I'm still working on that

In one year, you're gonna find your circle of friends is getting smaller. 
A lot smaller.
But there you are!
In a place you where you finally find someone who loves you so dearly like nobody else before.
Someone who's gonna take a bullet for you.
They're gonna place their body as your human shield and protect you from bad things.
Stop you from being a bad person.

In one year, you're gonna feel like the most worthless person on earth.
So here I am as your future self, telling you one thing you always tell other people but no one tells you the same.
Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
So take a leap of faith, honey!

We're healing. 
It takes time but we are indeed healing I can feel it in our bones. 
And by the end of the day, we will succeed.
All of this gonna be just a story.
One hell of a story that we're gonna laugh about.


That Pink Wall

So, I've been dreaming to have a pink wall as long as I can remember. But to be honest, it's so rare to find such an eye-catching house here. People usually paint their house white, gray, or yellow. And it's a lil bit hard to convince my parents to let me paint my house pink.

Dad: What color do you want to paint your house? *showing me the color palettes*
Me: I want pink. Like shocking pink! *point out the fuschia*
Dad: Wow you must not be serious!
Me: I'm seriously serious. I won't have it any other way
Dad: Let's choose another shade of pink. How about this one?
Me: Hmm okay...

UNIQLO Jumpsuit, ATS The Label Outerwear

Heavenly Taste Dipping Sauce Recipes

Most people don't realize that a great dipping sauce is crucial for the taste of your food. It can level up your food game recipe into dream-worthy kind of food but also can ruin everything. And that might be the reason why I find most diner which serves french fries are kinda failed. Seriously, it's just french fries and they can't even make it a good one? Also happens to chicken wings menu, nugget, or any other kind of food with additional sauce as the dressing.
I mean, why would you settle with chili sauce and mayonnaise if you can make a heavenly taste dipping sauce in just three simple ingredients?
Well, let's say goodbye to those dark days because today I'm going to share two quick and super easy dipping sauce recipes that going to make your simple french fries taste like it comes out from the kitchen of celebrity chef! (Well, I never eat celebrity chef's food actually but I don't want to overuse the word 'heavenly' in this article)