I'm back y'all!! Three f*cking years since my last blog post. You might not notice but someone stole my domain around 2 years ago and connected it to their shop. I was quite devastated at that time and I lost interest in updating my blog since then.

How are you guys doing? Pandemic is finally over and I believe we all start reclaiming our old life anymore, how is it going so far? I was finally opened my very first bakery outlet at the beginning of the year and it's been so busy. Life is good for me I suppose.

Oh right, last year I got Bell's Palsy for the second time and had to visit local hospital back and forth for like 6 months. But it's alright now Alhamdulillah. I feel like finally able to write diary again now that I return to blog.

Oh oh and I got tickets for Taylor Swift The Eras Tour in Singapore!! The ticket war was brutal and stressful and I just couldn't believe my luck that I managed to secure 3 tickets when my queue number was 2.4 mio. I guess it just meant to be, don't you think? I'm gonna see Taylor Swift next year!

I know there are like seven months before the actual concert but I think it's not to soon to start thinking about the concert outfit right? I'm thinking about going with Lovers Era outfit because I'd love to wear shiny sparkly sequin dress but Folklore Era outfit is easier to do since it's just earthy toned casual outfit. Sequin dress will not suitable for daily use and I'm pretty sure I would want to wear another outfit if I had the chance to go to any other Taylor Swift's tours later on. Maybe I should go on with Midnight Era outfit instead?

While you're here, don't forget to checkout mother's new MV, I Can See You (Taylor's Version) (from the vault) and stream Speak Now Taylor Version on Spotify hehe. See you in my next actual post!