Why Online Friends can be the Best Friends

I was in Jakarta last week. And that was a rare case because I kinda avoid that town because of how stressful it is being there. In fact, if it's not for J's birthday, I wouldn't make a decision to extend my stay. Packing my suitcase and follow my sister to go home was very tempting because I'm not used to be out of town on my own, surrounded by unfamiliar environments even though J is living there too. But he has to work all day and it's very likely that I was going to be all alone before he comes home at dawn, right?

So, blogger fellas, tell me, how long do you blog? Months? Years? No matter how long it is, I'm pretty sure that you know you're not alone in this industry. Chances are, you might already build some kind of relationship with other bloggers, whether you realize it or not. This is my most favorite thing I love about being a blogger. I get to meet a lot of new people and become friends with them thus I always have company wherever I go travel to. Someone to call, someone to meet, or even someone to show me around the city.

Atjilaynna and Rima Suwarjono are two of those amazing persons I meet through Instagram. they are quirky, passionate and easy to talk to. We are crazy about flamingo and other colorful things and it didn't need a lot of time to know that we're a match! In fact, it's been years since I knew them and I think they already know me better than my college friends. I finally had the chance to meet them last week in Jakarta and as you can predict, it felt like we're best friends for years.

Growing up can be one of the most stressful things in life. It all begins when you graduate from college. All your friends will be busy living their own life and sometimes, it's hard to keep up with them. From seeing them all day to not seeing them at all, you no longer know what they are up to, thus makes you hard to start a conversation. 

For me, people you meet through the internet can be your best friends, here's why.