Wet n Wild Lipcolor

     So, I'm going to write a review about my new favorite lipstick brand. It's Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipcolor. At first, I don't know about this brand and I don't really like to try new things that I never even heard before. It's when I bought my usual lipstick in my favorite shop, and the seller offered me this new product that recently, becomes everyone favorite. I've been hesitated weather to try it or not because It's unbelievable cheap and I'm afraid it has bad quality. She said this lipstick will last at least 8 hours if you don't eat excitingly. 
     It turns out the lipstick is very good. I tried the Cherry Picking color and I deeply in love with it. The color is so beautiful and very smooth on my lips. I can say that because my upper lip's color is naturally darker than the bottom :( And the best part is, it last longer than 8 hours. Which is during that time, I ate sushi, fried chicken, chocolate, and drank a cup of milk tea. And the color is still attached perfectly on my lips. There's no doubt that I would buy again and collect more colors.

     This is when I only put one layer of lipstick. It looks softer in this pic than the actual color because the lightning.

Heroes and Diamonds

     Aaaargh, It's been a hectic days for me lately. It's just the third week of school and I can feel my stamina is going drop everyday. I think I could faint anytime now because sometimes, my head suddenly feel dizzy when I walk in campus. I can't even take time to dress nicely let alone take pictures :( What to shot if I don't even know what I wear?
     Good think I slip a little time when this outfit came at the front of my door. I've waited this shirt and skirt from Choies for a long time now. And I'm so happy that they are all just like my expectation and in very good quality <3
     Aaaand, this new clutch has just arrived at TwoSides' quarters. It's my personal favorite because it has all of my favorite heroes logo. If you love The Avengers, you probably love it too. It gets better because the studs are diamond like. 

Choies shirt and skirt, Chiel shoes, TwoSides shades and clutch, Garasimamam jacket, Loony Store necklace.

Smile The Bad Days Away

     It's not a fashion post. I just want to share what's inside my mind lately. So days ago, my dorm room was burglarized. I lost my laptop, wallet, and phones. Well, it's actually not a creepy story for me because I already know my city is full of criminal people. The thing is, thieves right now are secured by weapons. They bring knifes, guns, even machetes. When a robber doesn't get what they want, they won't hesitate to hurt the victims. If needed, they also won't hesitate to kill. That's why I told my self that if somehow I robbed, I will just give my belongings away for them before they tried to hurt me.
     The creepy story is, this thief robbed me when I sleep. I just woke up in the morning and somehow, my room's door was open. And I think, that was the first time I got a panic attack. Because I'm all alone in the dorm with my room's neighbors are all gone wherever they go. The first thing that crossed my mind that morning was oh my God, I'm so broke. All of my asset, all of my gadget has been stolen. And I feel so dumb because I don't really feel or hear when that thief broke my room. All the things stolen is not very far away from me. My laptop was like half a meter away, and my phones were located beside my pillow. And they are all gone when I slept.
     I don't know what to do. I pray so hard before sleep because a person sneak up on you when you sleep is kind of nightmare for me. Especially if it was a bad person for a bad reason. I cried all day after that because I'm so afraid. You guys know exactly how important those things for blogger right? I can't write anything, I can't take picture, I can't reach any social media whatsoever. And it feels like the end for me. I thought I get a problem so big I can't even find a solution without asking more money to my parents to replace them all.
     But life is not just about that. Life is not about how popular you are or how you suddenly feel blind because you can't touch the internet. Have you read 88 Love Life book written by Diana Rikasari? Take it easy and enjoy life. Bad days end up fun if you have a sense of humor. At first, I couldn't find what's funny in my situation. But yesterday, I met this little boy. It's not the first time I met him, but I think I just remember that I met him before. He's selling newspaper in traffic light. So he offers the newspaper when vehicles stop for the red light. The amazing part about him is, he always smiling. Not the kind of smile you faking but actual smile. He smiles so big that makes me want to smile too. He smiles when he knocked the car's windows, he smiles when the driver rejected him. 
     And I think how could he do that? He sells newspaper everyday, he doesn't go to school, he might even doesn't have any toys at home. How about his parents? I don't know. He has more problems than me yet he smiles so bright like he has the world in his hand.
     When I saw him smile, I feel like I just want to move on and smile my problem away. His smile brought a little light in my heavy heart and I just want to be like him. Go on with my life, and think positive always. When you can think positive, that's when you smile an actual smile. And that's when I found the funny things about my situation. I lost all my gadgets. I feel like so blind when I couldn't reach the internet. When I couldn't post something in social media. Me in high school would probably laugh at me because I was never like this when I was in high school. I feel fine even when I was the only person in class that doesn't have a facebook account that moment (it was 2008). Technology has been fooling us. Heck, even our smartphone is smarter than us. And it's make me laugh because that might be the problem nowadays. From children to adults, we can't really be away from our smartphones more than 3 hours. Except when you sleep of course. But admit it, the very first thing you look for when you woke up is your phone! :D

In happiness there's sadness. In sadness there's happiness. Life's balanced that way- 88 LOVE LIFE
ps: excuse my grammar's error please :)