What I Ate Today

Dear, peeps!
     Few days ago, I visited a local cafe named Platter. It's quite famous here in my town because their price is affordable. They specialized in chicken and beef with the price range from IDR 20k - 27k for food and IDR 5k for drinks. With the currency is 13k per USD, you can say that the price is no higher than USD2.
     Actually, this place was recommended by a friend. She said that the food is super delicious and it's so cheap. Unfortunately, when I tried to go there, I feel really disappointed. Yes! It's not that good like my friends said. I like how the food look. It's beautiful to take pictures of. But the place itself is poorly decorated and they use yellow lightning so it's not good for the picture. I tried to sit near the window but it's no use. The lighting is too strong. 
     The food taste is not that super delicious like my friends said but it's worth the price. I tried the chicken curry menu and actually like the curry sauce. But somehow it doesn't taste well when you eat it with corn.

January Wishlist: BANGGOOD

Hi! How's everyone going?
     Today, let's talking about wishlist shall we? We human has no limit for wishlist, don't you agree? Especially us, ladies :D Let's make lipstick as our example. How many pink lipstick do you have? Our boyfriend probably wonder why we buy pink lipstick over and over again? Well, we can always answer, "that's different! There's salmon pink, magenta pink, hot pink, soft pink, shocking pink..." and other different pink colors.
     But, let's back to our topic before. I got my January wishlist from my current favorite store BANGGOOD. A retail website that not only sells fashion, but also home decor, electronics, apparels, etc. Just name it, they have it all. What I'll post right now is some of their items that I want so much. Because when I visit their website, there are actually a lot of things that I want

  1. Women Casual Retro Loose Raglan Sleeve Printed Long Tweed Coat
  2. No Stupid People Tin Sign Vintage Metal Plaque Bar Pub Wall Decor
  3. Women Elegant Lapel Irregular Zipper Patchwork Cardigan Coat Outwear

Going Off

Dear, human!
     I'm going off to subserve a village now. It's one of my university programs which takes 3-4 weeks. And I'm not sure there will be internet or phone signal there, so from now on the posts written in my blog are the ones I scheduled before. I will reply all your comments and emails as soon as I can.
See ya when I see ya!

Simplicity dress, COLORBOX cardigan, Charles & Keith wedges, New Look sunnies, Accent pants

Evening Dresses: PROMTIMES

Dear, girls!
     Let's agree that talking about fashion is limitless. We can never have too many clothes in our closet. Even though it's already full that you have no more space, it's always "the closet is too small", not "the clothes are too much."
     What kind of clothes take a lot of room in your closet? For me, first, it's outer wears. The second is dresses. Is it the same with you, or the other way around? Whatever it is, those two are the kind of thing that need to be hung. Not folded. Especially the evening dress. And we for sure need a lot of evening dress because we're young, hard worker, and we go to a lot of parties. 
     Here, let me introduce you to my new favorite web store, PROMTIMES.CO.UK It's a website that specialized in making all ladies feel beautiful and gorgeous with their beautiful dresses. From prom dresses til bridesmaid dresses, they have it all. And of course, with a very affordable price.  One thing that I like so much about PROMTIMES is they believe that finding a perfect evening dress doesn’t need to spend a fortune. And I definitely agree with that. They even sell dresses under £50 (http://www.promtimes.co.uk/evening-dresses/evening-dresses-uk-under-50.html). How crazy is that? Not only that, head over to their website right now because they also have a sale up to 75% off! (http://www.promtimes.co.uk/evening-dresses.html) It's even crazier, don't you think?
     Also, you don't even need to worry about the size. There will be no such thing as misguided size because not only they have the plus size evening dresses (http://www.promtimes.co.uk/evening-dresses/plus-size-evening-dresses.html), you can also custom your own dress.