What I Ate Today

Dear, peeps!
     Few days ago, I visited a local cafe named Platter. It's quite famous here in my town because their price is affordable. They specialized in chicken and beef with the price range from IDR 20k - 27k for food and IDR 5k for drinks. With the currency is 13k per USD, you can say that the price is no higher than USD2.
     Actually, this place was recommended by a friend. She said that the food is super delicious and it's so cheap. Unfortunately, when I tried to go there, I feel really disappointed. Yes! It's not that good like my friends said. I like how the food look. It's beautiful to take pictures of. But the place itself is poorly decorated and they use yellow lightning so it's not good for the picture. I tried to sit near the window but it's no use. The lighting is too strong. 
     The food taste is not that super delicious like my friends said but it's worth the price. I tried the chicken curry menu and actually like the curry sauce. But somehow it doesn't taste well when you eat it with corn.


  1. Omg zunaaa! look so yummy!!! aaaah jadi pengen + murah banget yaaaa :")

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
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    Thankyou ^o^

  2. Hi Zuna! I also hate yellow lighting in a cafe or restaurant, it only makes our photo looks not yummy. btw the price is so affordable! ♥

    My Little Cream Button ♥

  3. omg yummiiii


  4. ah kayaknya enak banget!


  5. Oh, It looks unbelievable delicious and balanced.


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