Happy Eid Al-Adha

Happy Eid Al-Adha everyone :)
I don't feel like posting these outfits but whatever. I don't feel like writing my story too. Because I don't have anything to share you about right now. Still a long day, lame activities, normal people, and else

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Mine - Choco Cheese Cake and Vanilla Macaroon
Febry's - Tiramisu Cake

Decided to skip a class because we found it difficult to do the homework. In the end, we didn't do it at all. Hahahah, I'm a bad student. I and my friends then went to The Harvest to waste the time. It's like a cake cafe and sell the most delicious cake in town. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the other cakes of my friends because they ate it immediately after it came to our table.

By the way, I always want to be a food criticus. But I gain weight easily and I don't want to be overweight again. I just can't help to feel a deep regret whenever I eat so much food. Or too much sweet things. And I know it's not healthy but after that "food party" I always end up starve my self for the next days. I'm not really starve my self okay. I just become a vegetarian in sudden for the next days. I won't eat meat, egg, rice, or else.

or is it healthier?

Cruelly Funny (What the Heck with My Choosen Words?)

I think it's a funny thing. Yesterday I FINALLY met my high school crush. The one I told you before. And fate had been really in my side :'D *note the sarcasm* You know, you always want to impress the one you love. Nice clothes, nice hair, nice everything. You want to look best!

However, yesterday, I was a mess. It was one of those days when I feel no intention to dress up. Because I felt so depressed. Being in college, with a bunch of homeworks, the insomnia thing this lately and everything. How cruel the fate to choose yesterday as the day I met him? how cruel how cruel how cruel is that????? You probably say that I just have to show my true self. But is it wrong that I want to look well.. better when I met him?

By the way, yesterday I also FINALLY hit the mall. Even with the messy look and weird stare wherever I go :D I didn't buy anything though (TOTALLY LIE!!) hahah.. I bought a handbag alright. It's a simple handbag from ZARA for me to go to campus.

The fact is I have a bad habit. Whenever I want to buy items for going to campus (bag, shoes, clothes), I end up buying something I don't really need. A pair of heels (for going to campus, seriously? Yes I am), a clutch (the one that will never ever fit with my textbook) and else.

ps: I might not post my fashion diary for a while. But of course I will keep blogging to share my personal life and thoughts or maybe some whislist.

Give Me Some Peace

This situation when a guy asks me to be his girlfriend and I don't know what to say because I don't love him. But he just keep asking me over and over and annoys the hell out of me. Then find my highschool crush (I think I still have a crush on him because I feel my heart stop whenever he says "Hi" to me through facebook) posts a pic of him and a girl and I feel a sudden stung of pain in my heart.

Have you ever feel it? Your heart just stop when he or she walks toward you or smile at you or laugh with you. My God I feel so naive and cliche :'D

We went to separate way after highschool but after a year of college he told me that he just move to my university and I couldn't be happier. But my hope breaks down because I never met him once in hallway or in a cafe near campus.

Well, I don't even know the girl he posted a picture with. It might be his sister or cousin, but I just always think the worst. In case it really is his girlfriend. And I know I should move on real fast but a love is not something we can forget easily.

Unbranded sweater and pants, MartofChina bag, Zara heels