Cruelly Funny (What the Heck with My Choosen Words?)

I think it's a funny thing. Yesterday I FINALLY met my high school crush. The one I told you before. And fate had been really in my side :'D *note the sarcasm* You know, you always want to impress the one you love. Nice clothes, nice hair, nice everything. You want to look best!

However, yesterday, I was a mess. It was one of those days when I feel no intention to dress up. Because I felt so depressed. Being in college, with a bunch of homeworks, the insomnia thing this lately and everything. How cruel the fate to choose yesterday as the day I met him? how cruel how cruel how cruel is that????? You probably say that I just have to show my true self. But is it wrong that I want to look well.. better when I met him?

By the way, yesterday I also FINALLY hit the mall. Even with the messy look and weird stare wherever I go :D I didn't buy anything though (TOTALLY LIE!!) hahah.. I bought a handbag alright. It's a simple handbag from ZARA for me to go to campus.

The fact is I have a bad habit. Whenever I want to buy items for going to campus (bag, shoes, clothes), I end up buying something I don't really need. A pair of heels (for going to campus, seriously? Yes I am), a clutch (the one that will never ever fit with my textbook) and else.

ps: I might not post my fashion diary for a while. But of course I will keep blogging to share my personal life and thoughts or maybe some whislist.


  1. Ooh... I want your bag! Please give it to me... hehehe

    I can relate to meeting your crush at a time you feel like you are your ugliest... I had one experience way back, a day when I did not put on make up or do my hair and then I got a chance to walk with him in school lol

    ~Melodies In The Sand~

  2. Nice bag!

    And love your blog!

    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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  3. I'm actually like that too with shopping! :D that's a nice purse you bought :)

    Animated Confessions

  4. your clutch is super ahdorbale

    and wow that is one amazing header :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. oh... hahaha you have a great blog!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by! New post in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM kisses!

  6. oh my gosh that bag!

  7. that feeling when you met your old crush... always intriguing & making nervous hahaha. love your top & bag anyway ;)


  8. Aah, well, if he likes you too he won't look at how you've looked.. and I guess he knows you as a stylish girl too, so there's nothing wrong with not looking that great one day! Love your bag from Zara, it's so awesome and I want it! Unfortunately Zara is so expensive in Switzerland :( What are you studying, btw?


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