My Trip, My Way

     I've already had these pictures for a while now. Totally forgot to post them in blog :( so please remember that I'm a lazy blogger and it's kinda expected. 
     Anyway, I'm going to Yogyakarta next week and I'm so excited. It's been a year since the last time I go travelling and I hope this time, I could post something labelled as travelling. It doesn't mean that I didn't go anywhere this past year. Of course, I went on a little trip here and there. But all the time it didn't turn out to be a good trip. And the reason is because I went on holiday with my parents. And they don't really like exploring like I do. They just like to stay and relax in the hotel. And I just want to go out and take a lot of picture. And I have to stick together with them because I'm an only child and I also don't want to explore alone. It's annoying being me :(

What Should I Wear?

     Two weeks ago, I got invited to attend the grand final of Mr. Universal Ambassador. If you never heard about it, let me tell you that this event is similar with Miss Universe with male participants. The invitation was so sudden. I got it 3 hours before the event began. I didn't know what to wear at that time. It's a formal event so I need to wear a formal dress which also comfortable for me to wear until the after party ends. And it was completely chaos in my room. I turned my closet upside down to find a proper dress and I still couldn't find it. If you happen to read my post several down below, you must know that I live out of my hometown to study in the university and almost all of my clothes are still remaining in my house. And I don't really like to attend a formal event in the evening before, so even though I finally found something suitable, I don't feel satisfied.
     So I've learned my mistake. Whatever happened, I have to feel comfortable and satisfied with what I'm wearing. Even though I don't attend a formal party often, I still have to prepare and have some evening dresses in my closet. And then I stumbled upon DRESSLEADERAU website. Thank God for that. It's an Australia-based web store who sells many beautiful formal dresses. You can find some cheap formal dresses Australia there and they are all indeed breathtaking. 
     But because now I often get invited at an evening party, then maybe long formal dress is more suitable to wear, don't you think. In DRESSLEADERAU website, you can find cheap long formal dresses too. So ladies, before you made the similar mistake, head over to DRESSLEADERAU website and stock your closet.

Palettes Palettes

If you remember correctly, several posts below I already posted my DEALSALE wishlist. You know, the shopping app I love which will make your shopping a whole lot easier with super affordable items too. And few days ago, my order has finally arrived. So let's cut the crap because this is my first time reviewing beauty products.
The first one is this super colorful eyeshadow palette. It consists of 96 colors eyeshadow that surely make your eyes look magical. The first time I saw it, I was in awe. I use it to attend several events, Even for my makeup Halloween. The color is so damn good that makes your eyes on point. And the best part is, I can do eye makeup experiment so often now. Overall, it's more than I expected. It's only $5 and you can have it already.
The second one is this concealer & corrector palette. This is the first time I use concealer & corrector palette because I usually use the liquid ones before. And I must say that this palette makes it simpler. I don't have to bring the corrector, and three different shades of concealer again because it's all in the package :D 
But unfortunately, the content is very little. I can only use it for two times before the content runs out. Well, I guess that's okay though because the price is no different than the eyeshadow palette I mentioned earlier. So I think it's worth it.

Go download DEALSALE app on Play Store or App Store or you can click

Perfect Coat for Rainy Season

     Fall is here. You might already feel the cold breeze in the air. Here in Indonesia, there's no fall season. But we do have rainy season which actually pretty cold too. It's just begun though, so it doesn't pour often to the ground. 
     I bet a few weeks from now, The rain will come everyday non-stop. It will be so grey all day and the water drops will come in the evening. I hate it because that's such a perfect timing. I would trapped in campus and couldn't go home. And then the morning after it would be soooo cold I don't want to get up from bed. 
     It's a great thing that I found this little coat from DRESSLINK. It's 100% fashionable and easy to mix&match. And don't worry, it will keep you 100% warm. When it was arrived in front of my door, I immediately love it. It's perfectly the same as the picture and even better than I expected. My mom said it suits me. And my cousin asked, where did I buy it?

     And, in case you're wondering how the coat originally looks like, here it is I give you the original picture and the direct link to order it

WTF Market: Wanderlust

     It feels like such a long time ago when I visited such event, especially shopping event or bazaar. So when my friend (or actually my current personal photographer) asked me to accompany him to WTF Market, I said yes immediately. 
     There's a lot of fashion tenants in WTF Market. Most of the previously based on an online shop. It might be just me, but I always lost my interest to those tenants whenever I go to a bazaar. So I'll go directly to the place where the food tenants located. My goal: try as much as dish I can. If I could, I definitely would go after them all! I don't eat much, but I sure am buy a lot of food.
     So here are the food I bought that day,

Beef Enoki by @kakatori.surabaya. It's a little spicy but no salty. I like it, but I can finish it myself too :(

There is ice cream inside my cotton candy. Super creative ice cream from @lickandwhoop the taste is super sweet, I can't finish it my self

The only thing I finish myself. A spaghetti carbonara in a cup by @dkioskstall supeeeeer delicious! 

another menu from @dkioskstall :p

Super crunchy french fries with melted mac n cheese on top! Mouth-watering, don't you think?

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses: LANDYBRIDAL

     Good day, everyone. How was your halloween? What costume did you wear yesterday? And how many candy did you get? I dressed up as queen of hearts, but it's kinda failed because I don't have any red wig.
     Anyway, let's talk about wedding again. If you're Indonesian, you must be remember Andien Aisyah's wedding. If you're not, you really need to search it on Google. Her wedding is one of a dream wedding for me. Located on a beautiful beautiful meadow and surrounded by trees. And only few guests were invited. So it's really peaceful. Trust me, it was truly breath taking. Perfect couple with perfect vintage wedding held on a grassland. The whole wedding looks become one with nature. If you are getting married soon, and haven't decide where is your wedding will be held, please take a look at their wedding. You might want to take a vintage wedding as your wedding concept.
     After that, let's talk about the wedding dress. I'll recommend you to take a look at LANDYBRIDAL website because they have so much beautiful dresses that perfect for a vintage wedding. You will get amazed by their vintage lace wedding dresses because they are all so beautiful. Or you can take a peek at their wedding dresses 2016 collection too to find more beautiful dresses.
     Hurry and order your perfect one because apparently, they have a sale campaign now.