Here I am introducing you to this new shopping app that will make your shopping a whole lot easier. Not just that, the items are super affordable too. Like you can buy 88 colors of eyeshadow with your five dollars money - kind of affordable. It's absolutely crazy. DEALSALE team first approached me to do this collaboration and when I checked their app (You can find "DEALSALE" on Play Store or App Store or you can click ), I instantly felt the need to buy everything. And yes, I  bought that eyeshadow too for sure. Wouldn't miss that thing. Hopefully, it will arrived in no time.

     So now, I would like to share the items that I'm so into 

yes, this is the eyeshadow I talked about ;)

Homecoming Dresses: COCO MELODY

     This is an embarrassing confession. I never went to a homecoming party. Yes I never did. There's no such thing like that party in my high school. I don't know why but they change it to a firework party instead. And I don't really like fireworks (yes, a girl can actually hate firework, please don't judge). I always envy those who did it in high school. And I love to watch chick flick movies all the time. You know, when the good girl which never been noticed before suddenly became homecoming queen. I know I know that's so not going to happen in real life, but I just love to imagine that. The other reason why this jealousy never stops is because we can wear a beautiful dress with a lot of sparkling, spend hours to do your hair and make up before the date pick us up, and talk about it all night with your best friend on the phone.

     Even though I lost my chance to wear homecoming dress, I never stop to admire some dresses. They're just a beauty. So I'd like to introduce you to this one store that has beautiful cheap homecoming dresses. It's COCO MELODY. They have a lot of beautiful short homecoming dresses 2015 that I adore so much. You need to hurry to buy them because they have a free shipping campaign and it only lasts for one month.
hem out yourself, you'll find it so difficult to choose which one to buy ;)

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!

     From Indonesian and dedicated for Indonesia. Wearing red and white outfit to celebrate the independence day of Indonesia. Oh how I love dress code. The day I took the pictures was so windy. I had to hold my hair all day :(

Ladies Shop top, Falsetto Five skirt, Zara wedges

What I Wore Today

     Because it's almost the independence day. I feel like I must wear Batik today. Just one picture. Sorry :( I probably should add cookies pictures too. I made them myself and it's sooo delicious!! If you follow my instagram, you might already know that I spent all my holiday by baking cookies. And probably, I would open a cookies shop too ;)

N.y.L.a top, Choies skirt, Nine West heels, Modlily bag

Dreaming of Dream

You know what they say, dream but do not just sleep (so you can work to achieve it)

Dream but Do Not Sleep shirt, X.S.M.L. skirt, Falsetto Five sunnies