Here I am introducing you to this new shopping app that will make your shopping a whole lot easier. Not just that, the items are super affordable too. Like you can buy 88 colors of eyeshadow with your five dollars money - kind of affordable. It's absolutely crazy. DEALSALE team first approached me to do this collaboration and when I checked their app (You can find "DEALSALE" on Play Store or App Store or you can click ), I instantly felt the need to buy everything. And yes, I  bought that eyeshadow too for sure. Wouldn't miss that thing. Hopefully, it will arrived in no time.

     So now, I would like to share the items that I'm so into 

yes, this is the eyeshadow I talked about ;)


  1. Fantastic post dear! Love this so much.

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  2. Looks like a nice website, so versatile,
    worth a visit :)


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