A Thought: What is Goal?

Dear, girls.

Life is so frustrating. And social media can be so depressing. Don't let what they show in social media affect your life exaggeratedly. Live your own life. Create your own boundary. There's no such thing as relationship goals if you set other people's relationship as your goal. There's no such thing as life goals if you make other people's success as your life goal. Because we all know that there are obstacles and hard work that must be passed before and I'm pretty sure you don't want to make it your "obstacle goals" too. 

Set your own goals. Take the risks. Don't let the seeds stop you from enjoying your watermelon. Keep going and let time makes all your hard work paid off.


Hi Human!
     It's not my first time reviewing skin care products, but I feel like I would never get used to this. I hope you understand what I actually want to say, since products review is something people usually want to read before buying the products.
     Few weeks ago, AVENE had a collaboration with Clozette and JAYANATA and they gave me the chance to try and review the XeraCalm A.D products. But before we jump to the review part, I'm just gonna introduce you what is AVENE specialized in.

What I Wore Today

Not the best day for me. But at least my Tweety pouch can cheer me up :)

Love is...

A promise. And I found myself loving your present the most, I didn't even open other presents from the plastic wrap because I knew they have no meaning to me. And I fall for you all over again. - now reading your love letter for the hundreds time