Must Have Item - part 1 (Leather Jacket)

Leather jacket is a must have item. Because believe me, it makes you look cool instantly. Whenever you have a bad day and in no mood to dress up, make sure you put your leather jacket on. Because as I said, it makes your whole simple outfit suddenly look magnificent. Seriously, it saves your outfit a lot!

How many leather jacket do you have in your closet? I have three. And this one from Rosegal is currently my favorite. It was sewed neatly and the design is just the way I love it. With studs on the collar which make it more wearable. You can find my exact jacket here.

If you love vintage style, Rosegal also have this vintage section in their page. Their have some cute stuffs that tagged in really really affordable price that you won't be able to resist. Best deal? They offer free shipping worldwide too. How fabulous is that?
Elisa top, Rosegal leather jacket, unbranded skirt, Chiel x Sonia Eryka shoes

Moschino Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Junk food, junk food, junk food. Who doesn't love junk food? It's not healthy, It's full of fat, and it's dangerous for heart. But nobody can't resist it. Even if you are on a diet program, or a vegetarian, or living a healthy life with organic food, admit it that deep in your heart you always love junk food.

I'm just in awe with the newest Moschino fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection. Designed by the most marvelous Jeremy Scott of course! Who else? Ronald Mcdonald will never be more famous than now. M for McDonald's and M for Moschino. 

Of course this "junk" theme is not the only one happened in Scott's mind this season. But it's kind of my favorite. And since I love to buy bags like I need to breath, their bag collections just become the ones I adore the most

Left-Right Who Cares?

ZALORA top, ZARA jeans, Berrybenka oxford shoes, Flowrendotcom necklace

Everything Has Changed

Even though most of the time my mood was down, I couldn't help but enjoy my day in Universal Studios. It's mostly because the place is soooo colorful and full of great spot to take pictures. I personally love school bus and popcorn car that actually are a souvenir stand. I felt like being threw back to the day when I was 5 years old. When the world was made perfectly for me. 

Bought these outfits a day before because I didn't bring enough clothes for a week. In fact, my suitcase already full and couldn't held anymore clothes. I actually wanted to buy something girly, but I thought that I need some clothes with more casual style. With took a walk all day long, entering various rides and all. That's why I combined the dress with a hoodie. It made me look girly but also sporty don't you think?

Forever 21 hoodie, H&M stripe dress, Rubi by Cotton On flats