My Project Falsetto Five

Hello guys, my new project is now officially on! Hip hip hurray \(^o^)/ It's a fashion webstore named Falsetto Five where you can find cute clothes with anti mainstream designed and affordable price. Every piece is stocked with very limited amount of quantity. Please give it a chance and visit the web will you?

We do worldwide shipping, but the paypal system hasn't installed in our website yet. So if you're from outside of Indonesia and want to purchase our item, kindly send us a direct message through this page (Contact Us) and we will reply your message as soon as possible along with the USD currency and your shipping fee.

We also offer 10% off opening sale if you happen to follow our instagram account @falsettofive this offer valid only for 100 first follower. So please capture our instagram account if you already followed it and send the capture to us

Something Colourful

I just can't stop wearing colourful outfit. Even when I wear monochrome, I always add more color into it. Like red, gold, or blue. It's just who I am even though some of people, heck even my mom said my style is weird and kind of rubbish because I always clash colors or patterns. 
It isn't a new outfit by the way. I already wore all of those items waaaay posts before. It just suddenly occurs to my head when I open my closet. Like you have this kind of image of the outfit you want to wear today ♥♥

Selfish top, LM Hardware blazer, Unbranded pants, UP wedges, Loony Store necklace, Cotton On shades

Ba na na Bad Ass

     Hello everyone, I know I know it's kind of late post because I already post some of these picture on my Instagram account. That's why you probably should follow me there @rizunaswon hahaha :D please ignore my narcissism personality.

     By the way, I got those pants when I was doing some fashion hunting in a mall. And it's one of my best buy because I bought it only for IDR 75,000 or like USD 6 \(^o^)/ hip hip hurraaaay!!!

Le Specs sunnies, H&M sweater, Rosegal leather jacket, Gudang Impor shoes

Falling for Cape

Finally add a cape in my wardrobe! I picked the purple color because it's oooh so girly. By the way, I really have to stay home during my holiday time. My friends invited me to go on vacation to Bali, but unfortunately, my dad didn't let me go :( Aaaaah that's suck