Dustin Flowers

     Hey everyone! Long time no see. I've been so sick lately and trapped in hospital for 4 days. This outfit already posted on my instagram for a while but I never had a chance to post it to the blog too. I've been to 4 different doctors this week and all of them had different predict for me. Maybe I'm just too stressed. With my final assignment. Yes there's actually someone out there who could be stressed over an assignment. Someone like me. Because I'm such an overthinking nerd. I think about everything too much, it freaks me out sometimes. I feel like I'm gonna explode.  



     Enjoy your summer while it lasts. Because this is the time when you could wear bright color and do a lot of fun. Not that we can't wear colorful outfit for winter. 

     I just don't understand why we usually wear darker color outfit on winter. I guess it's because every store sells only that type of color for autumn or winter. So I just gonna stick to that too :D 

     So before summer really ends, I have a wishlist from DRESSLINK (http://www.dresslink.com/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=lendy2324) They have a lot of cute stuff which absolutely worth to buy and collect. And most of their products are under $10 how crazy is that? It's too affordable so you can buy a lot without spend a lot.

     Here are some of my favorite products from their website. You might have it more than me when you check them out ;)






Wedding Dresses: LANDY BRIDAL

     Hello beautiful ladies! This time, let's talk about wedding. What girl never dreamed about their wedding day? Let's just admit once and for all. We at least ever imagined our perfect wedding once. What would you prefer? A wedding at the beach? At the garden with full of butterflies? Or do you have any other idea where a perfect wedding should be held? Let me know!
     Talk about wedding, we will talk about the perfect white dress too. Because what wedding party without a perfect white dress you wear when you walk down the aisle. I'll introduce you to this shop who has a complete collection of wedding dresses. It's LANDY BRIDAL. They seriously have it all. Mermaid wedding dresses, asymmetrical wedding dresses, a-line wedding dresses, open back wedding dresses, name it, they have it all. If not, you can always customized your own wedding dress. 
     My dream wedding is a wedding that located at the beach. It's perfect don't you think? With the summer vibe and the sound of waves. LANDY BRIDAL has the perfect beach wedding dresses for that. Or do you like it to be a garden wedding party instead? You should totally check their vintage lace wedding dresses. Totally perfect for your garden wedding party.





Gorgeous, don't you think? Head over to their website right now because they have free shipping campaign!


Me and My Mood

     I was in a very bad mood lately. But I still need to pretend I'm okay. Things about school, about work, and to top it all, a good friend of mine died yesterday after five days in coma. May she rest in peace. She's a wonderful person and always has this smile plastered on her face. All of this stressful things make me hard to sleep and my heart feels so heavy. I've tried to do many things to keep me busy but I just couldn't focus. 
    Maybe that's why I was so willing to wear black lately. Just like people in grief. Can't believe it might be a bad news coming up.

N.y.L.a top, COLORBOX pants, Wondershoe shoes, Next bag