Golden Brick

Hello! What are you up to guys? Yesterday's been a long and hot day. Too hot I felt like burning under the sun. If you follow my instagram (@rizunaswon) you might already know this outfit because I already posted a sneak peek there. 

I'm so in love with my new mango top. Especially the leather fabric on sleeve part. They are comfy to wear and look chic, don't you think? This post might gonna be the last post labeled fashion diary for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is my my first day of exam and I need to focus. Sure I'll post some mix & match outfit I usually do at polyvore but I won't do any photo shoot again soon.

See ya later on two weeks (or you can follow my instagram to know what am I up to) and happy fasting for all Muslims
Mango top, Scarlet skirt (similar here), ZARA wedges, Michael Kors bag

In Pink We Hold

I used to hate pink (or kind of denying that I actually love it). Just because in every chick flick movies, the popular girls always wear pink. With blonde hair and bad attitude. They call it bit*h. And considering that I was bullied back when I was in junior high school. Of course the girls who bullied me were not like in the movie (with blonde hair, pink outfits, and a lot of make up) but it just set in my damn mind that pink is somehow related to popular girls and their bitchy attitude that I loathe so much.

Guess I was wrong. Pink is the most adorable color in the universe. While yellow shows happiness, pink shows love. I blame all that movie for making me had a hatred toward pink before :'D and you could never go wrong with soft or pink pastel outfit. Whatever skin color do you have, pink will always radiate your aura of beauty
New Look top, Mango pants, Charles & Keith flats, Forever21 bag, Cotton On shades

Ice Cream Sundae

What I Wore Today

MOSCHINO Spring 2015 Menswear

Lace and Aztec

     My father woke me up early on Saturday morning to go to his cousin's house. So I wore whatever caught my eyes first

Eight Spoons of Happiness

Hello Again, Yellow!

Quote of The Day

age is just a number. It should never hinder you from accomplishing your goals.

- Anonymous 

What I Call Happiness