OOTD at Reopening Hush Puppies' Store

Currently having this obsession over rumples. So I decided to wear rumples from head to toe and it feels weird yet amazing. Heheh :p

First Experience at Karadenta Skin Clinic Surabaya

     It's a review post about my experience trying skin treatment at Karadenta Skin Clinic which only available here in Indonesia so I'm gonna post it in Bahasa Indonesia and in a more friendly way, so yes, it's going to feel like you are reading my diary ;) 
     Karadenta Skin Clinic ini baru melakukan soft opening untuk klinik mereka di Surabaya pada tanggal 17 Maret lalu. And I got an invitation to try the skin treatment as influencer for free! Yippiiiieee! (Emang dasar sukanya gratisan ya apa aja mau lah yhaaaa). Jadi Klinik Karadenta di Surabaya ini berlokasi di Jl. Kutisari Selatan II no 80J. Cukup mudah ditemukan karena letaknya memang di pusat keramaian kota. 

Out and About

Hi, people!
     To be honest, I've been sad for weeks. At first, it was because of some negative vibes around me and how some people tell me to get rid of it. Cutting off some people in my life in order to keep my mental healthy. Oh, how this world filled with judgemental people. But it's not easy, especially since you've befriended them for years. And then I found out that J is going to leave town for good next month. Due to his job. It's not that we leave in the same town right now, but it usually only takes 45 minutes drive to meet him, and now we will be HUNDREDS miles apart. I want him to pursue his dream but I can't help to feel sadder than before. 
     Some friends tell me to seek for some professional help because I might be fell into some kind of depression right now. But the thing is, I feel presumptuous to put myself in that category when I still think I could getting by. It would be insulting to those who are much worse off than me. I have no reason to be unhappy about, but I feel this sadness never really ends. Colorful things can't make me happy, watching the moon can't make me happy. Sunflower can't make me happy.

Dream Wedding Dresses: Alessmode

Hi everyone!
It's been a week since the last time I wrote a post? My apologize :) It's quite hard for me to manage my time. Between blogging, taking ootd and sponsored pictures, and baking! If you read my latest post, then you must know that I recently opened a bakery shop. Mainly selling cheesecakes. And I'm the only one handling the shop. From cooking until delivering. It's all on me. So pardon my not-so-often write a blog post.