Dream Wedding Dresses: Alessmode

Hi everyone!
It's been a week since the last time I wrote a post? My apologize :) It's quite hard for me to manage my time. Between blogging, taking ootd and sponsored pictures, and baking! If you read my latest post, then you must know that I recently opened a bakery shop. Mainly selling cheesecakes. And I'm the only one handling the shop. From cooking until delivering. It's all on me. So pardon my not-so-often write a blog post. 

     It's already March and how many 2017 resolutions have you achieved? Mine? Don't even ask! Is getting married on your list? If yes, have you think about everything needed on your big day? Such as your dream wedding dresses, the food, the location. And don't forget about the bridesmaid dresses. Yes it might be your day and you're the queen of it but your big day won't get perfect without your bridesmaid right? Wedding party dresses should be taken care seriously! If it's my wedding day, I want my guests to wear colorful formal dresses so it will match my unicorn themed wedding :p so let me introduce you to ALESSMODE.
     Moreover, is this year going to be your senior year? Then it must be super exciting! I always love senior year because there will be homecoming party for all of us. I get to choose homecoming dresses that I long to wear since I was a freshman. You haven't found the perfect dress? Chill! Don't worry! Alessmode will take care of it. Their prom dresses are so beautiful and I'm sure they will help you to be the most beautiful princess for the homecoming party. Here, take a look at my top favorite dresses from Alessmode:







  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Very nice selection, looks like a good online shop. I'm following you now in GFC to get updates from your blog, I hope you would like to follow back. Thank girl.


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