RIP Paul Walker

This is so random but I just can't help it :( rest in peace Paul Walker. You're one of the best things happened in Fast and Furious and I just don't know what the movie will be without you. I love you I love you I love you. I remember when I don't really like that movie (because it's cars thing) but I saw you there. Breathtakingly beautiful, goddess like, and absolutely handsome :D and it suddenly became my favorite movie. My deepest condolence for friends and family. You'll forever be missed, Paul! Rest in Peace :')

Home Alone

AAAAAAH!! I want to see the premiere of Catching Fire. But I had to go back to my hometown and my friends saw it without meh! :'O GAAHH! 

Being home alone is boring. My sister hasn't go home from Yogyakarta yet. And it went from boring to double boring. I've already messed up the kitchen to cook a plate of chocolate pudding and I also already ate them all by my self. And then it went from double boring to triple boring. So I just searched thru my wardrobe and did a quick shoot. I have nothing to do at home and tomorrow, I have to go back to Surabaya in early morning. 

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Duck duck duck duck! Quack quack quack quack!! Meet my new friends! Mother duck and baby duck :'D (Moduk and Boduk)

Thank you so much Febri for giving me these cuties :)  

Febri is one of my bestfriends. She's been like a sister to me since the first day I have my step on university. Haha. She knows how much I love that creature (duck) and immediately bought them for me when she saw it at Chinatown. It's actually a keychain though :'D but I couldn't help to  not squeal in excitement when she gave me them.

A Girl Always Have A Choice

It's been sooooo loooong since the last time I posted an outfit. I know. I miss blogging too. It's just I didn't feel well these past weeks and I had to check up regularly (by 'regularly' means everyday) in hospital. And my parents said that I should stay away air conditioner temporarily. That's a torture for me because Indonesia is hot. Real hot.

And I can't go to mall because they also have air conditioner inside. How ridiculous. But a girl always have a choice isn't it? We can always do online shopping. That's how I found these tartan pants. I love it so much because it's actually rare. With the baggy style and all. There're so much tartan leggings or other tartan pants which too tight style and even though I love wearing tight jeans, I don't feel comfortable with them.

By the way, being a fashion blogger means your friends will always ask for your advice about fashion. The worst part for me is when they borrow my outfits. It's not like I don't want to lend them my outfits. It's just that they often forget that they borrow my clothes and they don't give it back to me :( But fashion is the heart of my life and they are all like my babies. I don't wanna lose them even though I've already wore it over and over again.

Unbranded top, ZUNA coat, Yankee Closet pants, ZARA heels, Celine bag