Merah Putih

A very late post. Took this outfit on independence day with the theme red and white :)

New Favorite

I've found a new favorite place to shop online!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!! It's called BLACKFIVE :) In fact, I found it when I searched through Polyvore to play mix and match. I loved one of their items then and when I opened their actual website, I loved them all!!

It's getting better and better when I browsed their items and they made me crave for them. HEEEEELP MEEEEH!! They sell super cute stuffs with affordable price and absolutely, free shipping worldwide! (because I hate it when I only spent $8 to purchase an item but HAD TO pay $25 for the shipping fee). Double woohoooooo! I personally think BLACKFIVE is so me, here's some of my most favorite items from them,

1. Spiders-printed Cutout Crop Top & Mid-rise Pleated Green Skirt - $35.99 
2. Long-sleeved V-neck Striped Cardigan - $27.99
3. Leather-seamed Half-sleeve T-shirt - $21.99
4. Lace-seamed Round-neck Loose Sweatshirt - $32.99

Back to College for Fun

School starts very soooooon!! Some of you might hate it and think that holiday should be expanded. But I can't wait for it. I get enough of two months holiday with no vacation. I used to travel far away from home in holiday. But this time, I just stay at home and go out of town once or twice. Can you tell how bored I am?

You don't have to wear something new when the school starts, but new outfit will give you a fresh mind on the fresh first day. When it comes to polka dots, I personally prefer the big ones. Why? Because it looks way mooore simple than the small ones. And it gives a clear sight that I wear a polka dots prints.

You can pair it with simple jeans too. But I think it's too mainstream. And I don't like being usual on the first day. First day is our first everything and wearing usual outfit will make feel like it's the usual days. When I begin to feel bored with school and ready to skip it ;D

Try it with flower pants, alright ;) The stores might already updated their items to fall-winter collection, but the fact is, we can't never got enough of summer.

Bunnies in The House

I bought bunnies!!YAYY!! Actually, having bunnies is my favorite thing to do since I was about 5. But my bunnies always died within 2 weeks, and I stopped buying them when I was in junior high school. I guess I gave up then. Now I decide to have it again as my pet because they are so cute :) You can see all their pictures by searching the hashtag #tukutuktherabbits on instagram.

TwoSides beanie, Cotton On sunnies, Rosegal jacket, Louis Vuitton bag

Tropical Denim

I'm not going on a vacation people! Actually, this month I will take a test for my driving license. Wish me luck, will ya? ;)

TwoSides top, Unbranded skirt, ZARA heels

Eyes on you

You can't stop judging a book by its cover. But you can take a risk to open them and find a thing to be appreciated inside. If you find it unworthy, keep it to yourself and be a good person. 

Sheinside dress, Gaudi jacket, ROMWE thights, shoes bought in Hongkong