Back to College for Fun

School starts very soooooon!! Some of you might hate it and think that holiday should be expanded. But I can't wait for it. I get enough of two months holiday with no vacation. I used to travel far away from home in holiday. But this time, I just stay at home and go out of town once or twice. Can you tell how bored I am?

You don't have to wear something new when the school starts, but new outfit will give you a fresh mind on the fresh first day. When it comes to polka dots, I personally prefer the big ones. Why? Because it looks way mooore simple than the small ones. And it gives a clear sight that I wear a polka dots prints.

You can pair it with simple jeans too. But I think it's too mainstream. And I don't like being usual on the first day. First day is our first everything and wearing usual outfit will make feel like it's the usual days. When I begin to feel bored with school and ready to skip it ;D

Try it with flower pants, alright ;) The stores might already updated their items to fall-winter collection, but the fact is, we can't never got enough of summer.


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