Blue and Yellow Addiction

I'm having this obsession for Blue and Yellow lately and still not over them. Please bear with me a little. My next outfit might be consist of these colors again :D

I Just Want to Play Dress Up

Bacause playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends 
- Kate Spade

New Look sunnies, Cotton On pouch, Stradivarius choker, Zara wedges, Unbranded top and skirt.

Some habit of mine when I have nothing to do and the house is all for myself. Playing dress up! Hap hap hap and snap!

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Pink Essence

DRESSWE for Wedding Dress

     Hiyaaaa, everyone! Long time no see.. do you miss my post? I miss blogging too. Exam week is already over and I finally feel free :D Speaking of holiday, I have two months holiday to spent but I think I'm not going to travel this time. With my passport needs an extension and all. Huhuhu...
     Once again, happy new year everyone. Do you know what will hit us next? Valentine day!!
     Let me tell you a secret of mine. I always have a dream to get married in valentine day. Woohoooo can you see how romantic that would be? (well, maybe most girls in the world has the same dream) but too bad I have no boyfriend. Yet. 
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     Take a look at my picks: