Pentingnya Menambahkan Facial Oil dalam Rutinitas Skincare

     Di antara 10 steps skincare yang rutin aku lakukan tiap hari, sebenarnya aku ngga pernah 'menyisipkan' face oil sebagai salah satu rutinitas skincare aku. Alasannya? Karena tipe kulitku oily-combination. Takutnya kalo dipakein face oil malah makin berminyak dan jerawatan. Aku nih gampang banget lho jerawatan. Makanya kalo mau nyobain produk-produk baru, harus bener-bener baca review orang-orang dulu saking takutnya jerawatan haha. Kan sayang banget kalo udah beli mahal-mahal tapi ternyata ngga cocok di muka aku.
     Oh iya, balik ke topik face oil ya. Ternyata teman-teman, selama ini pandanganku tentang face oil itu salah. Karena setelah googling kesana-kemari tentang face oil ini, aku jadi tau kalau sebenarnya, menggunakan face oil pada kulit berminyak justru dapat membantu menstabilkan kadar minyak di wajah lho. Jadi face oil ini penggunaannya penting juga disisipkan dalam rutinitas skincare kita tiap hari.

When Anxiety Kicks In

    I was happily making pumpkin puree this morning. Two hours later, the delicious smell of pumpkin spice cake filled my kitchen. While waiting for my fresh baked cake to cool down, my mind uncontrollably wandered. I stopped what I was doing and just laying quietly there. On the floor. Looking at the ceiling with uneasy feeling. Next thing I knew, it's hard for me to breathe. I clenched my hands too tight and too long. Mind is a powerful thing and God knows how hard I try to be careful with it. But shit anxiety just kicked in. Why am I being like this?
    Let me describe what I feel. I'm sad, but nothing to be sad about. I finally made a perfect pumpkin spice cake after four attempts. I should be happy. I made it and it's delicious. I'm afraid. Of what exactly? I'm safe and sound at my own home yet I feel like being surrounded by something that going to eat me alive. I am angry. This is the only thing I know because I am angry at myself. But for what? That's unclear. One day I was happy and learn about loving myself, then the next day, I'm hating myself like kids hating broccoli.
    If you don't feel comfortable reading this post, it's fine. My therapist said when I no longer able to hold it in, I should write about it. So here I am.

Shouldn't crying all night is enough?

     I sing it out. I don't have a beautiful voice but I sing it out. Any song is fine. Usually, it helps me to focus on something. But not today I guess. I just feel numb because I've tried everything and they are all failed.
     I will leave it here. I don't have any tips or information to share at the moment so I'll leave it here. Thank you for your time.


Singapore Tips & Travel Guide (Part 1)

     I've visited Singapore several times I already became very fond of it. I love seeing how busy the city is. And it might sounds cliche and childish but I love the lights, especially at night. I've posted some article about my visit to Singapore a few years back, the very first time I visited Singapore but come to look at it, I realize that it contains no information at all. Huh! What a blogger I was!
     Regardless of how many times I visit this country, the closest thing I do to live like locals is just cafe hopping. It's not even so special, duh! One thing that I realize, every time I go, I always bring at least one first timer with me. That means I have to act like a tour guide and visit the same place over and over I don't want to brag, but I actually get bored I might as well write a guidance post about it. My parents won't let me travel alone to Singapore and I also kinda think that having someone to accompany me is really helpful. You know... to take pictures of mine. 
     One thing that everyone needs to know before stepping their foot on this country is they have very strict regulations. Don't eat in public places (especially inside the MRT), don't spit, don't smoke, prioritize pedestrians, and so on. I'm sure there's more than that, but those are the basic thing you need to know. Follow the rules, and you'll be okay.  Oh! And always step to the left side whenever you use an escalator.