Second Side

Stripe and Jail

Woof Wolf

I love werewolf stories. Especially the cliche story about the bad boy alpha of the pack who one day met his mate. Deep down inside, he loved her. He wanted to touch her or being near her every time. But the fact is unbearable. Outside, he felt upset about his mate. Because she was the one he never expected. True that she was perfect for him. Adorable, cute, lovable and had a beautiful kissable lips. But what could she be the Luna of the pack if she was useless weak woman who always seemed like a fragile?

Woof Wolf

Flower from Your Heart

Introducing Me

Would you like me to introduce myself? I'm not good at it by the way. Thank God I never be a transfer student. I hate introducing myself in front of the class. The teacher will ask everybody to quiet and listen to every word I speak. Then there will be a group of girls who look at me from head to toe. They seem like judging my style or what. And from the corner of the class, there are some jocks who look at me either. Definitely sure if their head full of naughty thinks.

And there are some normal students, who try so hard to pretend like they are not paying attention. And don't forget about the nerd which always seemed alone. With round glasses at their eyes and thick heavy book of Stephenie Meyer. Ah, typical high school!

Meet me. Rizuna Swon. Once again I have to thank God so much because I already passed that boring life in high school and having the best experience of life in college now. You can call me Zuna. Just like my friends always call me. Or Rizuna, or whatever your tongue feels comfortable.

Holy Crap! I hope I can sing to introduce my self just like Nick Jonas did in his song "Introducing Me". In fact, I'm probably a great bathroom singer :) despite the fact that I can't play guitar is suck.

It's not like I hate my high school life. I actually enjoy every second of it. It's kinda fun because I can be a nerd and a fashion stylist at the same time. Like a bipolar but trust me, I'm not.