Vacation Status: Failed

First of all, minal aidin wal faidzin people :) So, my family and I had a plan to go on vacation today after visiting my cousin's house. But unfortunately my sister didn't feel healthy. And my aunty wanted to go home straight after the visit :(

ps: sorry for bad quality pictures :o I forgot to set it right
Gaudi top, Stradivarius pants, ZARA sandals

Junk Food Makes Me Happy

It's holiday and I have nothing to do. I want to go on a vacation so bad but I don't know who to ask to accompany me. My family works everyday and my cousins don't have any passport. So I busy myself with making brooches. Junk food brooches to be exact. It took me a whole day, but I'm so happy with the result :D

As an Economy Person

Hey people! Especially you, Indonesians. For the first time in my entire life as a blogger, let me talk as an economy person. Not a fashion person. Because it will not match with our shopaholic life for sure. So here it is,

Do you love to buy your clothes from a famous brand such as ZARA, Mark & Spencer, H&M, ASOS, Mango, etc. Don't tell me no, because I know you are ;) and I might be trampled because writing this post.

Few months ago, I got a chance to visit SRITEX. It is an integrated Vertical Textile – Garment plant comprising of 9 spinning plants, 3 weaving plants, 3 dyeing/printing plants & 7 garment plants, occupying an area of 50 ha in Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. SRITEX supplies not only general clothing, but also military clothes all over the world. Name the country and yes, SRITEX supplies their military clothes.

And why did I say "especially you, Indonesians"? Because some of you might don't know that some items from those famous brands I said above are courtesy by SRITEX. Surprise! In the short time when I visited SRITEX, I learned that my country actually has a part (like really a part) in this fashion world. And in that short time too, I felt like "WOAH! I'm being fooled all the time!"

How much do you spend for a basic shirt from ZARA? $59.99? 79.99? Well, that's the BIGGEST BULLSHIT I've ever known. In SRITEX, they have a little shop where they sell some examples of their product. I went there and guess what I found? A basic shirt for ZARA sold only for Rp 75,000 - Rp 95,000 how much is that in USD? Well, it is around $6.5 - $8.5. Do you feel stupid now?

And since then, ladies and gentleman, I was limiting my self when I went to the real stores. In fact, I'm still trying to stop buying clothes from the real stores. It doesn't include shoes or bags alright ;) because I think they still worthy with the amount of money I spend.

Let me know how you think about it :)

Outfit of The Day

Went to do shopping spree with my two best friends :)

White Summer

Hello guys! How are you doing? It's been two weeks and thanks God now I'm officially hit the holiday! (not that I'm on vacation right now --) By the way, I'm sooo into white lately. I don't know, whenever I saw people wear white outfit, my mind always says "it's so simple, yet so classy!" 

The bad part about wearing white is it's easily get dirty. I don't know, spilled by coffee, tea, or any other food :) But I can't help to still fall in deep love with white. What do you think about white outfits?