Finally, After the very exhausting online KRS, I and my best friend will be a classmate again in the whole class we're in. Happy happy happy!!
PS: sorry for the craziness in our pics :'D

The Tiger and The Bird

Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly
Man got to sit and wonder 'why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land
Man got to tell himself he understand.

- Kurt Vonnegut -

Most dress, New Look sunglasses, unbranded shawl, Lynn's Label clutch, UP wedges
IFB Project #111
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Brooom Brooom... TAXI!!

Hello, is it your very first time in New York? Don't worry. I'll be your guide for a day. I'm so colorful so it will be easy to understand and I will make sure you remember every single detail of New York. First of all, have you wear your most comfortable shoes you have? We can use taxi to explore New York, but what the fun of it? We can use it later. Let's take a walk first will ya?

What is that in your feet? Oh! You wear taxi your self! Of course. You don't need the real taxi because you already had it in your feet. Fantastic!

Okay, so the next thing that also the most important thing for this trip is a map. Do you have a map? That's great! Because, I might need to pee during our trip, and you don't want to get lost in your very first day right?

Wait a minute! Is that a real map in your hand?

Not again! You are so fabulous. This is so manipulative! People will never know that this map actually is...


Nice trick! You fool me again! But it's also useful you know? You save your money there, and no burglar have interest to take it.

How long have we been walk? Don't you feel tired? Let's get back to your hotel. So you can rest and tomorrow, we can go shopping. Let's call a real taxi now...

OMG! Why is it no taxi passes in front of us?


Oh look! There it is. So tiny and it will pass here soon. Why is it suddenly the road has apples pattern?

NOOO!! Not again!! Where do you get all that cute stuffs? You fool me three times in just one day! I'm so mad at you. And I'm so drooling over your cute stuffs. Let me see that!

Sorry :') Thank you for reading my bad story. I'm so bored. I've wait in front of my computer since morning. Just to entry KRS online (It's some university stuffs). By the way, find other items at Kate Spade. I love their colorful items so much and can't get over of the NYC inspired designs :)

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Because It Makes Us Happy!!

I don't know how much I miss hanging out with my sister until yesterday. All day long and we had nothing to worry if we went home late.

Me     :  "Why are you buying those stickers? They're useless."
Sister : "I don't know. Because it makes me happy. Why are you buying that box? It's too small and useless as well!"
Me     : *laughing* "Because it makes me happy.."

Well, I think it's okay if sometimes, we buy things that we actually don't need. Simply because it makes us happy.  My dad warns me everytime that I should keep my money and not throw it to buy anything useless. I know that's true and I try as hard as I can. But sometimes, I just want that thing because it makes me happy. Not because I need it.
Do you have some favorite little things that make you happy even though you don't need them? Tell me :)

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Something You Never Imagined

This might be one of the time when I feel unworthy among them all. So apparently, I found this really amazing blog written by Kelvin Katjasungkana. (You can read it too here). He's truly an honest boy. He pours his heart out in his blog like something you never imagined. I read his posts over and over and over and feel like screaming "You really make your blog looks like your very private diary. I'm so jealous of you!"

I can't make my self throw all the things that happen in my life just like that. Because somehow, I afraid that someone I recognize read my blog, and then they know that I post how I feel about them, and start making fun of me again. Just like years ago. When they saw me as a subject of their jokes. Everything I said or did seems like funny in their eyes.

The funniest thing in life when you realized that life's a wheel. You knew it, but you might never understand it. Because you might never experienced it your self. Just remember one important thing, and this is my favorite quote of all time. KARMA IS A BITCH! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND (sorry for the word)

It's an amazing and weird feeling when a friend of high school that used to bully and calls me 'cow' asked an advice to lose some weight days ago. Just because she was surprised when she saw me for the first time since four years. It's funny when my uncle that used to call me 'pedicab' asked the tips to lose weight because apparently, his daughter just can't stop eating and already gained so much weight.

So, reading Kelvin's blog make me feel like somehow, all the wrong things in my head lift up. You know, forgiven but not forgotten. I've passed them all in high school but I never forgot how I hated them all. We share the same feelings. I've been through what he's been going through. And I have this faith that someday later in his life, he will throw their word like they would never imagine.

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Back to Life

Again. I feel fatter after Eid Mubarak. In fact, I actually gained no weight because of it. You know, with a great big family, and so much foods that we can't resist. My uncles won a bid for a fish worth $1000 just a day before Eid Mubarak. Yes, you read it right. One thousand dollar for a fish. It's Bandeng fish by the way. It's huuuuge and I feel sick of it. Don't they think like wasting their money? And in the end, it's magically become poo *sorry*

So, tomorrow is another back to life for me. Back to campus, study for exams, and the other stressful activity that I loathe. No more 'leha-leha' in bed, no more tv, no more cousins. What a life...

Turn out to be...

As normal as I can. These items turn out to be my wishlist in August. Especially the blah blah blah purse. Oh it's soooo cute Anyway, happy eid mubarak. Minal aidin wal faidzin for you all :) may we have a very blessed eid mubarak. Mohon maar lahir dan batin.

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