Hey Look at My New Look! It's New Look!

If people ask me what brand I love the most to work with, I will undoubtedly say (probably with a microphone, so every single person can hear it clearly) It's New Look.
The Reason? I don't exactly know. But New Look is definitely the first store I visit every time I hit the mall. Okay, so there will be no love if there's no reason at all right? I can give you a list full of the reason why I love New Look so damn much.
  1. I love how it spell in my mouth. I know it's ridiculous. I just can't stop repeating over and over again like "Hey! Look at my new look for summer! It's New Look" - Yeah it's my post's title.
  2. Affordable price. Seriously. It's too lovely and affordable. I can spent all my money in a week there and get at least 3 cute items, while the other day I only be able to buy 1 item in different stores. With the same amount of money!
  3. Their collections are sooo damn colorful. And why stuck in plain when we are so young. We need a colorful life people. Ladies and gentleman, we need a playful life even though we're not a kid anymore. Someday later, we might regret it when we're in the age of 80 or above and be jealous with our grand children because they're so happy playing with colors. 
  4. Great service! Have you ever went to a store and there's one worker following you around while you're trying to look their collections? It's a really really big annoying. I'm sorry if you don't feel the same. But it really bothers me so much. Are they expecting me as a stealer or what? When it's happen to me, I really want to scream, "I DON'T NEED YOU FOLLOWING ME AROUND! I'M NOT A KIND OF THIEF, YOU KNOW? I'LL CALL YOU IF I NEED TO ASK ABOUT THE CLOTHES!" Sorry about the harsh words. But you won't find it in New Look store :)
  5. This is the best thing I love about New Look. They offer a delivery option that lets you pick up your online orders at any new look store you choose! Amaaaazing..
Ps: Do you like my blog's new look? (I repeat that words again :')) Special thanks to Cakararts for making that header for me :)

IFB Project #101

Quote of The Day: Nerd

Life is not fair. Get used to it! That's why we should be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Bill Gates

Crap and Storm

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Unbranded top, Gifted necklace and belt, Forever 21 skirt, Zara heels

It's been a week since the last time I saw the sun light. *sigh* It's not like I don't like rain though. I love rain. It gives melody in my ears with every water that drops to the ground. I love how it smell. I love how it gives me a reason to stay in bed and have a lazy day. All day long.
But being lazy in a week is not good at all. I can't go anywhere. I feel like trapped in home. Not doing anything. I can't even do something in the kitchen because I can't go to get groceries.
And I just want to apologize to all of you readers :( because it's also been two weeks (really?) since the last time I posted me and my outfits. Been busy and have no time to rest. I already told you too, that I had no inspiration this lately. It's probably because the cloud and the storm make my brain feels grey too. Oh I miss you sunshine so damn much :(

Keep It Going. Keep It Happy

Yes, sometimes I forget that fashion blogging is just a hobby. Not a real time job. Maybe it's what makes me feel like under pressure. I want to keep writing even though I don't know what should I write. I want to keep it going. But the truth is, I don't even have any inspiration this lately. I've been busy with homeworks and rarely have time to write on my blog. Maybe I should write some different things beside fashion. A lifestyle, food, or maybe beautiful places on earth.
And people around me start to make me getting mad with no reason. I have no rest time to just relax my self and enjoy. I want to go to the mall! I want to refresh my self with shopping or window shopping. I want to go to an outdoor cafe and enjoy the view while sipping a cup of hot cappuccino. I don't want to be angry and left a mess after it. So I just want to remember some things that make me happy:
  1. My parents gave me a new car :) It's white and lovely
  2. Miley Cyrus finally released her first single after 3 years
  3. My ombre tights from Romwe had come. And I love it so damn much
  4. A friend of mine from high school was came to visit my house and we talked a lot about our current life (it feels so nice to enjoy me being my old self)

Here it is Miley's new single that I want you all to hear

 Let me know if you have any other advice to make things keep going and under control :) I like to hear from you all. Thank you so much