It's Been A Great 2013

      Yaaay!! It's 27th of December!! And It's my birthday! TRALALALALALAAA!! I've finally reached 19 years of my life and I can't be more grateful for it. It's been a really great year for me. Thank you so much Allah for giving me such a wonderful life, loving family, nice friends and a loooot of things that I can't ask for more.

     I've been in my hometown since before christmas, and my bestfriends are so sweet to send me a surprise birthday gift across Surabaya last night. Oooh I can't ask for a better best friends like that. Even though I can't spend my birthday there with them, they still loooove me. I'm sending all my love to you guys from my hometown HEHEHE :D 

     By the way, I'm thinking about changing my hair look for the first resolution 2014. Oh, well I should start to make a list full of my resolutions for a year in the future. Hope I can reach all (or at least almost all) of my targets in 2014.

     And I took some pictures with my high school besties yesterday. It's fun, but the place is full of mosquitos :'D Thanks for the great year guys, see you again next year!



I don't know why my days became so much boring lately. Maybe it's because I feel trapped without shopping and hang out. My last exam is in two weeks and I haven't prepared for it yet. H for HUH! I feel sooo lazy this semester. I never did my homework or paid attention in the class. And H for HAHAHAHAHH!! I don't give a damn!

Or yes, I DO give a damn about it! I'm sooo nervous. Because I'm going to go on vacation in a week after my exams, and I'm afraid when I go home then, my parents wil be angry about my bad score (hope it won't happen. Oh! please God please don't let that happens to me!)

Anyway, I'm falling in love again with my favorite childhood bestfriends Mickey Mouse :D I remember the day in elementary school when my friends laughed at me because I was wearing my favorite mickey t-shirt and for them, I looked sooo childish. Well, I don't know it's become trend again these days. Adding the bow to make it moooore cheerful and childish!! (YES! CHILDISH MEANS YOUNGER! AND I REALIZE THAT I LOVE TO BE YOUNG, BUT I WILL NEVER GET YOUNGER!!). I don't know about the tartan pants. Do you thing this combination comes out right?

Click click!

So one day, I just sat in front of my wardrobe and realized that I have no more space to put my new outfits. It's frustrating because my wardrobe can't grow up like human. And even frustrating because my new clothes can't wait to be put in their new home. Or selves. And it's kind of hard for me to finally decided to let go of my babies. A.k.a sell them.

Please help me save my money for my holiday trip next year by check them out here to find my preloved babies and my own brand TwoSides's stockist. Get a free shipping worldwide if you purchase for TwoSides.There is no compulsion :D but I would really really appreciate it.

Miracle Happens

Almost a month, and I haven't spend my money for shopping yet! WWOWW! It's a miracle. But also weird because I'm a shopaholic of course. And I actually feel proud too :D I feel amaaazing. Just so you know, I plan a holiday trip next year and I really really have to save my money. This is a serious financial problem! Because I know in my trip, I will spend a loooot for shopping and this shopping break made me sooo itchy. I want to buy a pair of boots, a big tote bag, some dresses, and a pair of flat shoes and a cute clutch.... (girls problem).

And apparently, I received a jealous or hatred comment from my so called bestfriend :( You don't know how much I want to pour my heart out, I won't write it down here. Because I know she read my blog even though she would never ever admit it and I don't want to ruin our friendship.

PS: MAYGATT!! My skin look sooo greasy under the flash *just realized*

RIP Paul Walker

This is so random but I just can't help it :( rest in peace Paul Walker. You're one of the best things happened in Fast and Furious and I just don't know what the movie will be without you. I love you I love you I love you. I remember when I don't really like that movie (because it's cars thing) but I saw you there. Breathtakingly beautiful, goddess like, and absolutely handsome :D and it suddenly became my favorite movie. My deepest condolence for friends and family. You'll forever be missed, Paul! Rest in Peace :')

Home Alone

AAAAAAH!! I want to see the premiere of Catching Fire. But I had to go back to my hometown and my friends saw it without meh! :'O GAAHH! 

Being home alone is boring. My sister hasn't go home from Yogyakarta yet. And it went from boring to double boring. I've already messed up the kitchen to cook a plate of chocolate pudding and I also already ate them all by my self. And then it went from double boring to triple boring. So I just searched thru my wardrobe and did a quick shoot. I have nothing to do at home and tomorrow, I have to go back to Surabaya in early morning. 

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Duck duck duck duck! Quack quack quack quack!! Meet my new friends! Mother duck and baby duck :'D (Moduk and Boduk)

Thank you so much Febri for giving me these cuties :)  

Febri is one of my bestfriends. She's been like a sister to me since the first day I have my step on university. Haha. She knows how much I love that creature (duck) and immediately bought them for me when she saw it at Chinatown. It's actually a keychain though :'D but I couldn't help to  not squeal in excitement when she gave me them.

A Girl Always Have A Choice

It's been sooooo loooong since the last time I posted an outfit. I know. I miss blogging too. It's just I didn't feel well these past weeks and I had to check up regularly (by 'regularly' means everyday) in hospital. And my parents said that I should stay away air conditioner temporarily. That's a torture for me because Indonesia is hot. Real hot.

And I can't go to mall because they also have air conditioner inside. How ridiculous. But a girl always have a choice isn't it? We can always do online shopping. That's how I found these tartan pants. I love it so much because it's actually rare. With the baggy style and all. There're so much tartan leggings or other tartan pants which too tight style and even though I love wearing tight jeans, I don't feel comfortable with them.

By the way, being a fashion blogger means your friends will always ask for your advice about fashion. The worst part for me is when they borrow my outfits. It's not like I don't want to lend them my outfits. It's just that they often forget that they borrow my clothes and they don't give it back to me :( But fashion is the heart of my life and they are all like my babies. I don't wanna lose them even though I've already wore it over and over again.

Unbranded top, ZUNA coat, Yankee Closet pants, ZARA heels, Celine bag

Happy Eid Al-Adha

Happy Eid Al-Adha everyone :)
I don't feel like posting these outfits but whatever. I don't feel like writing my story too. Because I don't have anything to share you about right now. Still a long day, lame activities, normal people, and else

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Mine - Choco Cheese Cake and Vanilla Macaroon
Febry's - Tiramisu Cake

Decided to skip a class because we found it difficult to do the homework. In the end, we didn't do it at all. Hahahah, I'm a bad student. I and my friends then went to The Harvest to waste the time. It's like a cake cafe and sell the most delicious cake in town. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the other cakes of my friends because they ate it immediately after it came to our table.

By the way, I always want to be a food criticus. But I gain weight easily and I don't want to be overweight again. I just can't help to feel a deep regret whenever I eat so much food. Or too much sweet things. And I know it's not healthy but after that "food party" I always end up starve my self for the next days. I'm not really starve my self okay. I just become a vegetarian in sudden for the next days. I won't eat meat, egg, rice, or else.

or is it healthier?

Cruelly Funny (What the Heck with My Choosen Words?)

I think it's a funny thing. Yesterday I FINALLY met my high school crush. The one I told you before. And fate had been really in my side :'D *note the sarcasm* You know, you always want to impress the one you love. Nice clothes, nice hair, nice everything. You want to look best!

However, yesterday, I was a mess. It was one of those days when I feel no intention to dress up. Because I felt so depressed. Being in college, with a bunch of homeworks, the insomnia thing this lately and everything. How cruel the fate to choose yesterday as the day I met him? how cruel how cruel how cruel is that????? You probably say that I just have to show my true self. But is it wrong that I want to look well.. better when I met him?

By the way, yesterday I also FINALLY hit the mall. Even with the messy look and weird stare wherever I go :D I didn't buy anything though (TOTALLY LIE!!) hahah.. I bought a handbag alright. It's a simple handbag from ZARA for me to go to campus.

The fact is I have a bad habit. Whenever I want to buy items for going to campus (bag, shoes, clothes), I end up buying something I don't really need. A pair of heels (for going to campus, seriously? Yes I am), a clutch (the one that will never ever fit with my textbook) and else.

ps: I might not post my fashion diary for a while. But of course I will keep blogging to share my personal life and thoughts or maybe some whislist.

Give Me Some Peace

This situation when a guy asks me to be his girlfriend and I don't know what to say because I don't love him. But he just keep asking me over and over and annoys the hell out of me. Then find my highschool crush (I think I still have a crush on him because I feel my heart stop whenever he says "Hi" to me through facebook) posts a pic of him and a girl and I feel a sudden stung of pain in my heart.

Have you ever feel it? Your heart just stop when he or she walks toward you or smile at you or laugh with you. My God I feel so naive and cliche :'D

We went to separate way after highschool but after a year of college he told me that he just move to my university and I couldn't be happier. But my hope breaks down because I never met him once in hallway or in a cafe near campus.

Well, I don't even know the girl he posted a picture with. It might be his sister or cousin, but I just always think the worst. In case it really is his girlfriend. And I know I should move on real fast but a love is not something we can forget easily.

Unbranded sweater and pants, MartofChina bag, Zara heels

This Awkward Situation Between Us

GarlickStore top, random store at Solo pants, Gaudi handbag, TwoSides sunnies, Nine West heels

Suddenly my heart starts to feel, yeah
My heart starts to feel, my heart starts to feel
Like stone
All around is silver and gold
But my heart never heals
My heart only feels like stone (Ooooh like stone)

Let me tell you one thing. Dating your best friend ex is the best way to create an awkward situation. I remember when we used to hang out together, sing out loud in the car, or break some rules of college. And now suddenly it's BAMM!! 

That's probably one of the reasons why I don't talk about my boyfriend too much (I had break up eventually). Because one of my bestfriends would never stop talking about it. And I don't want to talk about it. And what should I say? She have no rights to tell her to not date her ex (no, she doesn't date my ex). So go on. But please if she does feel our friendship is mean so much, please have a realise to know that it would make our friendship feel awkward.

What's wrong being single for a while than ruin our friendship?

By the way, I'm sooo excited about the whole National Batik Day. I always love batik and it's unique ethnic patterns. Can't wait to see all students in my campus wear batik in that day :)

a Hello from Yellow Day

And I feel so short with this outfit :'D GAHAHAHH!!
I think those sneakers are the problem, don't you think? But I went to meet some friends from high school today and we decided to go everywhere we used to be in high school. By 'everywhere' it means everywhere! Like a whole hometown. From our favorite dvd shop, to a little canteen near school. That's why I refused to wear high heels today. We walked a lot, and did some childish things but it was fun!

by the way, you can shop the sunglasses from my own shop. Check here

Yayyness Round 2 (Roar!)

My outfit from The Tiger and The Bird won a Feline Inspired Fashion by IFB and made it for the 10 runners up and the "Fancy" bracelet! yayyyy!! Check it here
I remember the day when an account from instagram featured that outfit to their account. Most of them said "nay", "too much", "not matching at all", "too colorful", "not worth it", and someone even said "worst and weirdest" (do you think I don't notice that?)

You know, I can stand so much "nay" comment. But I can't stand people who judge me by being me. Why should I stop being me? I love wearing a colorful outfits because I'm still young and that's where my soul at. I love clashing patterns even if it's not match at all. I can't stand wearing a "safe outfit" just because it won't make me feel wrong during the day and that's the way people won't take a glance at me and look at me weirdly.

I think being unappreciated here is usual. There's so much people that being unappreciated here but getting so much appreciate in other countries. They have so much spirit and they never let people turn them down. I'm inspired. I know I'm weird. I like to be weird if it means I'm different. I love the fact that I'm not them who afraid to express who they are. I might don't speak, but instead of speak, I will DO it to show them. Because sometimes, speak doesn't work and you HAVE TO do it.

By the way, thank you so much for them who support me to stand among their jealous comment. Thank you Andudei, Andi Desy Purnama and the other for your support to my weirdness >.<

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Finally, After the very exhausting online KRS, I and my best friend will be a classmate again in the whole class we're in. Happy happy happy!!
PS: sorry for the craziness in our pics :'D

The Tiger and The Bird

Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly
Man got to sit and wonder 'why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land
Man got to tell himself he understand.

- Kurt Vonnegut -

Most dress, New Look sunglasses, unbranded shawl, Lynn's Label clutch, UP wedges
IFB Project #111
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Brooom Brooom... TAXI!!

Hello, is it your very first time in New York? Don't worry. I'll be your guide for a day. I'm so colorful so it will be easy to understand and I will make sure you remember every single detail of New York. First of all, have you wear your most comfortable shoes you have? We can use taxi to explore New York, but what the fun of it? We can use it later. Let's take a walk first will ya?

What is that in your feet? Oh! You wear taxi your self! Of course. You don't need the real taxi because you already had it in your feet. Fantastic!

Okay, so the next thing that also the most important thing for this trip is a map. Do you have a map? That's great! Because, I might need to pee during our trip, and you don't want to get lost in your very first day right?

Wait a minute! Is that a real map in your hand?

Not again! You are so fabulous. This is so manipulative! People will never know that this map actually is...


Nice trick! You fool me again! But it's also useful you know? You save your money there, and no burglar have interest to take it.

How long have we been walk? Don't you feel tired? Let's get back to your hotel. So you can rest and tomorrow, we can go shopping. Let's call a real taxi now...

OMG! Why is it no taxi passes in front of us?


Oh look! There it is. So tiny and it will pass here soon. Why is it suddenly the road has apples pattern?

NOOO!! Not again!! Where do you get all that cute stuffs? You fool me three times in just one day! I'm so mad at you. And I'm so drooling over your cute stuffs. Let me see that!

Sorry :') Thank you for reading my bad story. I'm so bored. I've wait in front of my computer since morning. Just to entry KRS online (It's some university stuffs). By the way, find other items at Kate Spade. I love their colorful items so much and can't get over of the NYC inspired designs :)

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Because It Makes Us Happy!!

I don't know how much I miss hanging out with my sister until yesterday. All day long and we had nothing to worry if we went home late.

Me     :  "Why are you buying those stickers? They're useless."
Sister : "I don't know. Because it makes me happy. Why are you buying that box? It's too small and useless as well!"
Me     : *laughing* "Because it makes me happy.."

Well, I think it's okay if sometimes, we buy things that we actually don't need. Simply because it makes us happy.  My dad warns me everytime that I should keep my money and not throw it to buy anything useless. I know that's true and I try as hard as I can. But sometimes, I just want that thing because it makes me happy. Not because I need it.
Do you have some favorite little things that make you happy even though you don't need them? Tell me :)

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