It's Been A Great 2013

      Yaaay!! It's 27th of December!! And It's my birthday! TRALALALALALAAA!! I've finally reached 19 years of my life and I can't be more grateful for it. It's been a really great year for me. Thank you so much Allah for giving me such a wonderful life, loving family, nice friends and a loooot of things that I can't ask for more.

     I've been in my hometown since before christmas, and my bestfriends are so sweet to send me a surprise birthday gift across Surabaya last night. Oooh I can't ask for a better best friends like that. Even though I can't spend my birthday there with them, they still loooove me. I'm sending all my love to you guys from my hometown HEHEHE :D 

     By the way, I'm thinking about changing my hair look for the first resolution 2014. Oh, well I should start to make a list full of my resolutions for a year in the future. Hope I can reach all (or at least almost all) of my targets in 2014.

     And I took some pictures with my high school besties yesterday. It's fun, but the place is full of mosquitos :'D Thanks for the great year guys, see you again next year!



I don't know why my days became so much boring lately. Maybe it's because I feel trapped without shopping and hang out. My last exam is in two weeks and I haven't prepared for it yet. H for HUH! I feel sooo lazy this semester. I never did my homework or paid attention in the class. And H for HAHAHAHAHH!! I don't give a damn!

Or yes, I DO give a damn about it! I'm sooo nervous. Because I'm going to go on vacation in a week after my exams, and I'm afraid when I go home then, my parents wil be angry about my bad score (hope it won't happen. Oh! please God please don't let that happens to me!)

Anyway, I'm falling in love again with my favorite childhood bestfriends Mickey Mouse :D I remember the day in elementary school when my friends laughed at me because I was wearing my favorite mickey t-shirt and for them, I looked sooo childish. Well, I don't know it's become trend again these days. Adding the bow to make it moooore cheerful and childish!! (YES! CHILDISH MEANS YOUNGER! AND I REALIZE THAT I LOVE TO BE YOUNG, BUT I WILL NEVER GET YOUNGER!!). I don't know about the tartan pants. Do you thing this combination comes out right?

Click click!

So one day, I just sat in front of my wardrobe and realized that I have no more space to put my new outfits. It's frustrating because my wardrobe can't grow up like human. And even frustrating because my new clothes can't wait to be put in their new home. Or selves. And it's kind of hard for me to finally decided to let go of my babies. A.k.a sell them.

Please help me save my money for my holiday trip next year by check them out here to find my preloved babies and my own brand TwoSides's stockist. Get a free shipping worldwide if you purchase for TwoSides.There is no compulsion :D but I would really really appreciate it.

Miracle Happens

Almost a month, and I haven't spend my money for shopping yet! WWOWW! It's a miracle. But also weird because I'm a shopaholic of course. And I actually feel proud too :D I feel amaaazing. Just so you know, I plan a holiday trip next year and I really really have to save my money. This is a serious financial problem! Because I know in my trip, I will spend a loooot for shopping and this shopping break made me sooo itchy. I want to buy a pair of boots, a big tote bag, some dresses, and a pair of flat shoes and a cute clutch.... (girls problem).

And apparently, I received a jealous or hatred comment from my so called bestfriend :( You don't know how much I want to pour my heart out, I won't write it down here. Because I know she read my blog even though she would never ever admit it and I don't want to ruin our friendship.

PS: MAYGATT!! My skin look sooo greasy under the flash *just realized*