This Awkward Situation Between Us

GarlickStore top, random store at Solo pants, Gaudi handbag, TwoSides sunnies, Nine West heels

Suddenly my heart starts to feel, yeah
My heart starts to feel, my heart starts to feel
Like stone
All around is silver and gold
But my heart never heals
My heart only feels like stone (Ooooh like stone)

Let me tell you one thing. Dating your best friend ex is the best way to create an awkward situation. I remember when we used to hang out together, sing out loud in the car, or break some rules of college. And now suddenly it's BAMM!! 

That's probably one of the reasons why I don't talk about my boyfriend too much (I had break up eventually). Because one of my bestfriends would never stop talking about it. And I don't want to talk about it. And what should I say? She have no rights to tell her to not date her ex (no, she doesn't date my ex). So go on. But please if she does feel our friendship is mean so much, please have a realise to know that it would make our friendship feel awkward.

What's wrong being single for a while than ruin our friendship?

By the way, I'm sooo excited about the whole National Batik Day. I always love batik and it's unique ethnic patterns. Can't wait to see all students in my campus wear batik in that day :)

a Hello from Yellow Day

And I feel so short with this outfit :'D GAHAHAHH!!
I think those sneakers are the problem, don't you think? But I went to meet some friends from high school today and we decided to go everywhere we used to be in high school. By 'everywhere' it means everywhere! Like a whole hometown. From our favorite dvd shop, to a little canteen near school. That's why I refused to wear high heels today. We walked a lot, and did some childish things but it was fun!

by the way, you can shop the sunglasses from my own shop. Check here

Yayyness Round 2 (Roar!)

My outfit from The Tiger and The Bird won a Feline Inspired Fashion by IFB and made it for the 10 runners up and the "Fancy" bracelet! yayyyy!! Check it here
I remember the day when an account from instagram featured that outfit to their account. Most of them said "nay", "too much", "not matching at all", "too colorful", "not worth it", and someone even said "worst and weirdest" (do you think I don't notice that?)

You know, I can stand so much "nay" comment. But I can't stand people who judge me by being me. Why should I stop being me? I love wearing a colorful outfits because I'm still young and that's where my soul at. I love clashing patterns even if it's not match at all. I can't stand wearing a "safe outfit" just because it won't make me feel wrong during the day and that's the way people won't take a glance at me and look at me weirdly.

I think being unappreciated here is usual. There's so much people that being unappreciated here but getting so much appreciate in other countries. They have so much spirit and they never let people turn them down. I'm inspired. I know I'm weird. I like to be weird if it means I'm different. I love the fact that I'm not them who afraid to express who they are. I might don't speak, but instead of speak, I will DO it to show them. Because sometimes, speak doesn't work and you HAVE TO do it.

By the way, thank you so much for them who support me to stand among their jealous comment. Thank you Andudei, Andi Desy Purnama and the other for your support to my weirdness >.<

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