Statement Denim

A little tips for you: Roll your jeans' edge to the ankle. Yeah that's right. I don't wear jeans often because I feel to heavy wearing it. And I always think that jeans is a mainstream outfit. We wear it everyday. Nothing special about it. But it doesn't mean you can't look good in jeans. That's why I advice you to roll the edge. Especially when you pair it with heels or wedges. Rolling the edge will make your whole outfit looks more awesome and chic.

N.y.L.a top, local jeans, UP wedges, H&M sling bag

an awfully happy expression when they let me play in the patk
A little out of topic, you must be heard about Air Asia QZ8501 crash two days ago. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of those on broad flight. Sending all my prays for them. May Allah bless you. It's like a punch in the gut because I also flew with the exact same plane in January this year. I feel like experiencing a personal nearly death experience :(

What I Feels About Being Twenty

YES!! I'm officially twenty \(^o^)/ Hip hip hurraaaaay!! Thank you so much, Allah for always giving me a beautiful life. For always there to listen to me pour my heart out. And feeling so much relieved after that. I finally hit the age where your successful life in the future depends on how productive you are in twenties. While being thirteen is the phase when you try to discover yourself, I think being twenties is about discovering what you really wanna do in your life. What hurts, and what makes you feel good. What it feels to fall over and over, but always get up over and over too. It's the time when you start to think realistic. You can't always follow your dream, but you can always reach it later in the future. There are more than one way to catch that dream, babe. In the process of that, you can always do other opposite things.
Ryan O'Connell said Why the hell are we in such a hurry to live some boring grown up adult life that we saw at a Crate & Barrel? Because once we do get there, we’re stuck for a long time. The novelty’s going to wear off, we’re going to get married and have babies, and everything will be amazing but don’t think for a second that you won’t be nostalgic for this time.
In this age, we should take so much advantage of not being tied down to anything and anyone and to go balls to the wall with everything that you do.
In this age, I wish need to be a better person. A nicer person. I don't need to wish to have a nice car, or a luxury life, or a lot of money because I believe that good things always come for a good person. As long as we're willing to help people, people will not hesitate to help us.

Outfit of The Day

Today I did a final presentation for my school project. Yes it's finally the end so you must know what I've been doing lately. It's been a hectic week that's why I have no time to post some outfit. My group decided to wear monochrome as the dresscode and you know I would never wear black and white outfit without adding some color.

Simplicity dress, H&M stripe dress, Gaudi bag, Charles & Keith flats

ps: I feel like Sonya Thaniya in these pics. Mungkinkah kita saudara kembar yang terpisah? ;p

Dress Like You Want to Kill with DRESSVE

     For me, I don't do "dress to impress". It's such a strong statement you know. It means you live for other people. Not for yourself. You do everything to please everyone around you and sometimes, you forget that the way you live your life now is not really the way you want it to be. And I'm glad I realize it sooner because as long as I remember, everyone always dictate my wardrobe. they often don't approve of what I'm wearing. Weird color matching. Weird pattern clashing. Hahahah :D
     Not anymore. I stop wearing everything they told me to wear because like I said before. I live my own life once and I will do as I please. More annoyed they are, more satisfied I am. I love wearing dress since elementary schools (of course my friends back then always mock me. My friends are kind of tomboy and I'm the only one feminine. And again, back to when I was such a follower, I didn't want to wear dresses anymore and started to wear shirt and jeans like them) Because for me, it's one piece and easy to carry. Of course I won't wear it without adding more layer like blazer, or accessories, so it's not really one piece anymore. You should check out DRESSVE's ( collection of dress. If you are a dress lover like me you must take a look
     They have beautiful dresses everywhere. My favorite dress is maxi dress because well again, my legs are not so skinny and I kinda feel uncomfortable wearing mini dress without wearing tights underneath. Check this >>  And it's not DRESSVE if it doesn't think about their customers. They care so much until the simplest thing of their customers like some of us might taller than the other. Because the world not just lived by one kind of human. So they have this categories for tall woman so they can wear maxi dress as well  

1. // 2.

3. // 4.

Basha Market

     So, I went to Basha Market last Sunday, and I personally say it's the best and funnest bazaar I've ever visited! More than 70 vendors participated. I went there two times in a row because I just want more :D Basha Market is an exciting thematic bazaar with highly selected vendors from fashion to food & beverages. They are building a community where young entrepreneurs can celebrate the beauty of creativity and innovation. Rows of young indonesian entrepreneurs joined together for Basha. And I'm soooo happy that they came bringing broadway to my town.

     There are these art corners that have functions as photo booth. Unfortunately, the crowd made it so hard to take photos. I don't have enough time to take some pictures of my favorite booth :( besides, I only bring my phone to take picture.

ps: please forgive my photos quality :(

bought my self a nail tattoo from lolitattoo :D can't wait to try it

Garage Sale at Dreamers Market

     Hey guys! I'm joining D-Garage Sale with other artist and fashion blogger held by Dreamers Market Dreamers Market is a container in the form of an e-commerce website or an online-based webstore, where they provide a wide variety of products from many brands locally and abroad that are always up to date, quality and exciting. 
     You can find my preloved items and other bloggers such as Sartob, Amalia Fajrina, Andrea Hamdan, etc there. With buying our stuffs, you can be stylish and helpful too. Because 25% of profit from goods that sold will goes to charity.

DRESSVE Knee High Boots

     Honestly, I never wore a knee high boots. When I was 5, I've always dreamed about having a pink shelf full of boots. Ankle boots until thigh high boots. But a gorgeous boots always cost expensive that I rather spend the money for other shoes. That's why I always skip the Knee High Boots category in every store. But I tried to peek it when I was visiting DRESSVE ( and I could actually pick which one I love the most immediately. Not just because the design is just how I like it but also because it's very affordable. So on and on and on and finally I had more than ten items I love the most. :D
     You can see their Knee High Boots' collections at I'm pretty sure you girls will lllloooove it! They also had this thigh high boots ( category which would be perfect to wear if we go to a music concert. Thigh high boots are most perfect worn by skinny girls with beautiful legs. Unfortunately, I'm not that skinny :( so I'll choose the knee high boots instead! Here's some of my favorites:

1. Cute Enchanting High Shaft Stiletto Heels PU Rivet Boots (
2. Round Toe Rhinestone Chain High Shaft Boots (

3. Multi Color Hollow-out Stiletto Heels High Boots (
4. Black Side Zipper Tassel Knee High Boots (

Balloons Make Me Happy :)

Mom : Why did you buy so much balloons online? Are you throwing a party?
Me    : No, Mom! It's for satisfying myself

please ignore my dirty shoes. It was after rain :(

ERICDRESS Cyber Monday Deals!!

     Good morning :) time to wake up and thanks God it's already Saturday! And what's better way of spending the weekend with hanging out with your friends and shopping? I once again stumbled upon EricDress ( and found that they have this Cyber Monday Deals (
     Can you imagine shopping your favorite item with the discount up to 85% off and plust $5 off if your purchase is over $79.99? And it's for all item in the website. Hurry up! They're throwing their best price from December 1st until December 7th. Surely you don't want to miss out, right? Then save the date, ladies! ;)

4. Gorgeous New Arrival Print Slim Sheath Skirt 

     And don't forget to check their wedges collection too :)   psst! I'm currently obsessed with sneaker wedges because it looks like I'm wearing sneaker but looks higher because of the hidden wedges in it. It's very comfy and looks less feminine. But if you love to wear feminine outfit, they also have beautiful wedges that you can pair with their occasion dress too 
This is the one I'm talking about!

Walk in Haji Lane

     Singapore is a beautiful city. More beautiful if you knew where to go. Today, I'm going to post about my short walk through Haji Lane. Many people haven't know about this place. I don't know it either when I went to Singapore for the first time. But a friend told me about this, and I went to Singapore special just for visiting Haji Lane (the shopping part is just a big bonus).
     And Haji Lane is truly a beautiful place. It's located in Bugis and it's actually a street with colorful buildings full of little stores with unique concept. Unfortunately, I went there at 9 a.m and most store hasn't opened yet :( But I love taking picture of my favorite stores.
Do you see the trolley above ;)

My Dad and my cousin Nora

This one is not Haji Lane

DRESSVE For Christmas

     Hi everyone! How you guys doing? I've been on a very short trip to Singapore last weekend and did a shoes hunting! Woohoooo!!! :D
     So, it's almost Christmas. One more month until it's Christmas! Are you excited? Have you bought a dress for the Christmas Eve? For the party? This is why I'm here again to tell you one place to shop some beautiful outfits for Christmas. It's DRESSVE ( and it's very recommended for you, trust me! Why? Because apparently they have a very special discount for Christmas. From outerwears, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, until bags. It's a great deal! They have the best price for all items. Especially their bags category! (my favorite category)
     What do you usually wear in Christmas? A beautiful dress or a very cute and warm sweater is a must have item for Christmas. Besides, we really need some comfy outfits for winter. Add the boots, and tadaaa! you are ready to rock your Christmas and showing off your cute outfits to everyone.
     And winter is no winter without you wearing coats. I love coats so much. It makes you look gorgeous and high class :D but unfortunately, I don't need to wear clothes in my country because it only has two seasons. Rainy, and dry. Too hot for dry season and hot enough for rainy season. But again, I dare you to stop me for buying whatever I want! I have a lot of coats even though I only wear them whenever I went for a trip out of country or when the night is raining. You really need to check out DRESSVE's collections of coat too
     I went to their websites to check their collections last night and my oh my! There's a lot of item I want to add to my cart. At least two items of each of their category that I favorite. Check it out some of my favorites:

Sunny Side Up On Me

I Heart Oreo

     One of the things I love about blogging is I get the chance to meet a lot of new people around the world. Find new friends and develop the connection. And I love giving a fashion advise to people who ask me. Even tho' most of the time they think my advise is ridiculous. But it's not all that. People staring all the time I took a shoot in public place. Such as mall, park, or on road. They might think I'm crazy when I stand in the middle of the road. And they might talk about how weird I am. God I would never get used to it. With people staring. I think that's the risk I have to take. Being a fashion blogger means you have to close your eyes from the surroundings and don't be ashamed whenever you take some shoots. When I took the shoot for this post, cars passed all the time and my nieces annoyed the hell out of me by stood in front of the camera whenever I was ready for being photographed. I really hope you don't notice my annoyed expression in these photos.
     I'm wearing Oreo sweater in this post. Because even though I have to do treadmill for one hour straight to burn the calories, I still love Oreo to the moon and back :D

Two Sides sweater, unbranded skirt, Zara wedges, Label Cut necklace

I Still Love Flower Prints

     Autumn is coming. And it's time for save our colorful summer outfits in the closet. But no I won't do that. Flower prints never die. I'll always wear it in every season. Because of course there's no such thing as autumn and winter in my country. So I'm free to wear anything. Or maybe it's just me that never following the trend and wear whatever I want to wear :D And I love my new blazer to the moon and back. I think it would be different as pictured when it's arrived. But fortunately, it didn't.