Walk in Haji Lane

     Singapore is a beautiful city. More beautiful if you knew where to go. Today, I'm going to post about my short walk through Haji Lane. Many people haven't know about this place. I don't know it either when I went to Singapore for the first time. But a friend told me about this, and I went to Singapore special just for visiting Haji Lane (the shopping part is just a big bonus).
     And Haji Lane is truly a beautiful place. It's located in Bugis and it's actually a street with colorful buildings full of little stores with unique concept. Unfortunately, I went there at 9 a.m and most store hasn't opened yet :( But I love taking picture of my favorite stores.
Do you see the trolley above ;)

My Dad and my cousin Nora

This one is not Haji Lane


  1. waah, hope I can visit there too someday!
    great picture dear!
    did u take ootd there? haha
    take care,

  2. Nice pictures!!! Hope you enjoy the trip

  3. What lovely photos! :)


  4. I just love the Haji Lane Spore! great artists, and great small boutique with awesome items! Have a great 2015!


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