DRESSVE For Christmas

     Hi everyone! How you guys doing? I've been on a very short trip to Singapore last weekend and did a shoes hunting! Woohoooo!!! :D
     So, it's almost Christmas. One more month until it's Christmas! Are you excited? Have you bought a dress for the Christmas Eve? For the party? This is why I'm here again to tell you one place to shop some beautiful outfits for Christmas. It's DRESSVE (http://www.dressve.com/) and it's very recommended for you, trust me! Why? Because apparently they have a very special discount for Christmas. From outerwears, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, until bags. It's a great deal! They have the best price for all items. http://www.dressve.com/s/christmas-sales/ Especially their bags category! (my favorite category)
     What do you usually wear in Christmas? A beautiful dress or a very cute and warm sweater is a must have item for Christmas. Besides, we really need some comfy outfits for winter. Add the boots, and tadaaa! you are ready to rock your Christmas and showing off your cute outfits to everyone.
     And winter is no winter without you wearing coats. I love coats so much. It makes you look gorgeous and high class :D but unfortunately, I don't need to wear clothes in my country because it only has two seasons. Rainy, and dry. Too hot for dry season and hot enough for rainy season. But again, I dare you to stop me for buying whatever I want! I have a lot of coats even though I only wear them whenever I went for a trip out of country or when the night is raining. You really need to check out DRESSVE's collections of coat too http://www.dressve.com/Fashion/Overcoats-101810/
     I went to their websites to check their collections last night and my oh my! There's a lot of item I want to add to my cart. At least two items of each of their category that I favorite. Check it out some of my favorites:


  1. Love that plaid coat!

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  3. Nice stuffs!


  4. Loving those pants and shoes :D


  5. supaa love that coat! <3


  6. I really like your blog! To raise your mood, see yourself in butt lift jeans! They enhance your body.

  7. I love those trousers, plaid is just one of my faves :) Great blog btw :)


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