I Heart Oreo

     One of the things I love about blogging is I get the chance to meet a lot of new people around the world. Find new friends and develop the connection. And I love giving a fashion advise to people who ask me. Even tho' most of the time they think my advise is ridiculous. But it's not all that. People staring all the time I took a shoot in public place. Such as mall, park, or on road. They might think I'm crazy when I stand in the middle of the road. And they might talk about how weird I am. God I would never get used to it. With people staring. I think that's the risk I have to take. Being a fashion blogger means you have to close your eyes from the surroundings and don't be ashamed whenever you take some shoots. When I took the shoot for this post, cars passed all the time and my nieces annoyed the hell out of me by stood in front of the camera whenever I was ready for being photographed. I really hope you don't notice my annoyed expression in these photos.
     I'm wearing Oreo sweater in this post. Because even though I have to do treadmill for one hour straight to burn the calories, I still love Oreo to the moon and back :D

Two Sides sweater, unbranded skirt, Zara wedges, Label Cut necklace


  1. aaakk kacamatanyaaa! ><


  2. Wow..nice shirt!

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  3. Liat sweater km, jadi pengen oreoo!!!
    Waaah kacamatanyaa cool bgt *wish me luck*
    I feel yours too when doing outdoor photoshoot #deritafashionblogger


  4. Cute sweater!


  5. your glasses!! <33


  6. very cute!!!



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