Basha Market

     So, I went to Basha Market last Sunday, and I personally say it's the best and funnest bazaar I've ever visited! More than 70 vendors participated. I went there two times in a row because I just want more :D Basha Market is an exciting thematic bazaar with highly selected vendors from fashion to food & beverages. They are building a community where young entrepreneurs can celebrate the beauty of creativity and innovation. Rows of young indonesian entrepreneurs joined together for Basha. And I'm soooo happy that they came bringing broadway to my town.

     There are these art corners that have functions as photo booth. Unfortunately, the crowd made it so hard to take photos. I don't have enough time to take some pictures of my favorite booth :( besides, I only bring my phone to take picture.

ps: please forgive my photos quality :(

bought my self a nail tattoo from lolitattoo :D can't wait to try it


  1. Looks like a fun place..n ur dress is so cute!

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  2. Nice! Love your sweater :3

  3. Ahh pengen juga ke basha sayang pas ga disby ><
    Cute sweater dear!

  4. Oh I believe you had lots of fun because the booth looks like so much fun! Love it :)


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