Yayyness Round 2 (Roar!)

My outfit from The Tiger and The Bird won a Feline Inspired Fashion by IFB and made it for the 10 runners up and the "Fancy" bracelet! yayyyy!! Check it here
I remember the day when an account from instagram featured that outfit to their account. Most of them said "nay", "too much", "not matching at all", "too colorful", "not worth it", and someone even said "worst and weirdest" (do you think I don't notice that?)

You know, I can stand so much "nay" comment. But I can't stand people who judge me by being me. Why should I stop being me? I love wearing a colorful outfits because I'm still young and that's where my soul at. I love clashing patterns even if it's not match at all. I can't stand wearing a "safe outfit" just because it won't make me feel wrong during the day and that's the way people won't take a glance at me and look at me weirdly.

I think being unappreciated here is usual. There's so much people that being unappreciated here but getting so much appreciate in other countries. They have so much spirit and they never let people turn them down. I'm inspired. I know I'm weird. I like to be weird if it means I'm different. I love the fact that I'm not them who afraid to express who they are. I might don't speak, but instead of speak, I will DO it to show them. Because sometimes, speak doesn't work and you HAVE TO do it.

By the way, thank you so much for them who support me to stand among their jealous comment. Thank you Andudei, Andi Desy Purnama and the other for your support to my weirdness >.<

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  1. just don't listen to them, be who you are is sooo better :D
    anyway, great post ;;)

  2. Congrats!! And always be yourself! :)


  3. Congrats! You totally deserve it! I wanted to participate too, but I forgot about it :(

  4. Congrats! You must be super excited :)... Thanks for your comment on my blog! If you would like to follow eachother, follow me and let me know so I can follow right back...xxx


  5. The poster is so cute :D
    btw don't listen to them, just be your self :)


  6. Congratulations! :) I love your outfit The Tiger and The Bird! It's amazing~

  7. Congrats, kak! I have follow your blog, mind to follow back mine? :)

  8. congraats hun! let them talk whtev they want, just stay true to yourself! you look amazingly cool with your outfit so who cares aye? ;) keep being weirdly cute!


  9. Oh my God, I LOVE YOU DEAR!! I also got featured by the so called fashion-forward instagram account and I noticed that on the comment section, there are always someone who posted hated comments. I know I should have said, "don't let it get you" but I know it's not that easy to let it pass just like that. Well, you proved that you're better than most of them sweety! Congratulations! BIG TIME!!

    Anyway, I'm so glad that you're also a fan of Teen Wolf! And I totally agree about Dylan O'Brien, Stiles is simply one the best character EVER! And I can't stop watching their behind the scenes on youtube since Dylan is like, totally awesome in real life.

    Btw, followed you too now! :) we should totally hang out sometimes ;))


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