Give Me Some Peace

This situation when a guy asks me to be his girlfriend and I don't know what to say because I don't love him. But he just keep asking me over and over and annoys the hell out of me. Then find my highschool crush (I think I still have a crush on him because I feel my heart stop whenever he says "Hi" to me through facebook) posts a pic of him and a girl and I feel a sudden stung of pain in my heart.

Have you ever feel it? Your heart just stop when he or she walks toward you or smile at you or laugh with you. My God I feel so naive and cliche :'D

We went to separate way after highschool but after a year of college he told me that he just move to my university and I couldn't be happier. But my hope breaks down because I never met him once in hallway or in a cafe near campus.

Well, I don't even know the girl he posted a picture with. It might be his sister or cousin, but I just always think the worst. In case it really is his girlfriend. And I know I should move on real fast but a love is not something we can forget easily.

Unbranded sweater and pants, MartofChina bag, Zara heels


  1. Oh I can relate to being in the same university as your crush and yet you never get to see him hehe I do hope one day you will! ♡ :-)

  2. Love your sweater and style !!
    I'm following you now.


  3. love your sweater!! :D
    sure i wanna follow each other, just follow me then i'll follow you back dear :)

    This is real and This is me

  4. you looking great ! i love youir sweater and bag !! cute

  5. Your sweater, these pants and that bag..oh my, my! Love all the clothes, you really have an eye for fashion. And about these guys: You're better off without them I guess! Hope you see him soon though :)

  6. i like this story, reminds me with high school thingy :D
    you look cute!

  7. Like your bag <3

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