Mine - Choco Cheese Cake and Vanilla Macaroon
Febry's - Tiramisu Cake

Decided to skip a class because we found it difficult to do the homework. In the end, we didn't do it at all. Hahahah, I'm a bad student. I and my friends then went to The Harvest to waste the time. It's like a cake cafe and sell the most delicious cake in town. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the other cakes of my friends because they ate it immediately after it came to our table.

By the way, I always want to be a food criticus. But I gain weight easily and I don't want to be overweight again. I just can't help to feel a deep regret whenever I eat so much food. Or too much sweet things. And I know it's not healthy but after that "food party" I always end up starve my self for the next days. I'm not really starve my self okay. I just become a vegetarian in sudden for the next days. I won't eat meat, egg, rice, or else.

or is it healthier?


  1. that coffee frappio or that nutty frappio or that frozen drink looks super yummmmmmm!!!

    1. yes :) the best frozen mochachino I've ever taste

  2. eating sweet cake is such a guilty pleasure, right?

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog :D
    The cake looks so delicious
    jangan lupa OCD ya :D ahhaah


  4. Everything looks so delicious! xx

  5. Ah, this looks so delicious! You bad student, you, not doing your homework, haha :D However, I think you look amazing! You don't have to worry being overweighted. Everything is healthy, just in a normal mass - so don't eat too much sweet stuff! And no, not eating anything that has been made from animals isn't healthy at all! I did it myself for 2 months and trust me, I gained weight doing it. Stick to your normal eating routine, a lot of vegetables and fruits, and a little bit of sport, and that's just enough!


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